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After Capital

After Capital

  • Couze Venn - Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

May 2018 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

 The present crisis of capitalism has a history. A history of the private accumulation of wealth through property regimes which allow increasing commodification and the privatisation of resources: from land to knowledge and even to life itself. Understanding that history may allow us to imagine alternatives after Capital which are no longer private but common.

After Capital explores this history, showing how the economy is linked to environmental damage, climate change, resource depletion, and to massive inequality. It takes the reader from liberalism to neoliberalism, from climate change to the Anthropocene, and shows how this history is inextricably the history of colonialism. It is a rich and detailed narrative of capitalism over the last 200 years, that explains its texture and its neoliberal endgame.

This discussion frames speculation on what postcapitalist societies could be, with regimes of private accumulation replaced by a politics and ethics of a democratic and ecologically- grounded Commons.


Introduction: The State of the World: Convergent Crises
Chapter 1: New Mechanisms of Dispossession. Property, Inequality and the Debt Society.
Chapter 2: In the Shadow of Tipping Points: The Political Economy of Climate Change.
Chapter 3: Colonialism, Dispossession and Capitalist Accumulation A Decolonial History of the Present.
Chapter 4: From Liberalism to Neoliberalism: A Dissident Genealogy.
Chapter 5: Towards a World in Common.
Chapter 6: New Foundations for Postcapitalist Worlds.

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