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Ageing and Later Life

Ageing and Later Life

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March 1994 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Aging and Later Life examines the range of issues raised by aging in contemporary society. The collection is unique in combining academic and practitioner analyses with personal accounts. By taking a multidisciplinary approach that includes literary, historical, sociological, policy, psychological, and clinical perspectives, this lively and informative collection features essays by major authors and includes discussions of cultural aspects of self-image and identity, current concerns relating to health and well-being, and the reality of power and control in the care of older people. It also explores concepts and values that shape our understanding of aging, issues of policy and politics, and historical perspectives on aging and the possibilities for the future. Aging and Later Life is an invaluable sourcebook for students, practitioners, and researchers in social gerontology, sociology, psychology, health, and social work. "It is a real pleasure to recommend this very pleasing collection, which is a welcome addition to any gerontology library, personal or public." --Baseline

Barbara MacDonald
Look Me In the Eye
Maxine Myers
Coming Out of the Age Closet
Bill Bytheway
The Ageing of Mary Berenson
Evan Marsh
Home From Home?
Janet Ford and Ruth Sinclair
Mrs Hatter
Jeremy Seabrook
Mr and Mrs Cosgrove
Agatha Christie
Epilogue to
An Autobiography
Mike Hepworth
Old Age in Crime Fiction
Alan Bennett
A Cream Cracker Under the Settee
Margaret Forster
Have the Men Had Enough?
Kathleen Woodward
The Photographic Image
Gerry Zarb
Ageing with a Disability
Jay Ginn and Sara Arber
Ageing and Cultural Stereotypes of Older Women
Ken Blakemore
Ageing and Ethnicity
Liam Donaldson and Marie Johnson
The Health of Older Asians
Jean Shapiro
Osteoporosis in Women
Elaine Murphy
Depression in Later Life
Tom Kitwood
Frames of Reference for an Understanding of Dementia
Edward M Brecher
Love, Sex and Aging
Melanie Henwood
Age Discrimination in Health Care
Julia Johnson
Does Group Living Work?
Helen Passant
A Holistic Approach in the Ward
Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin
Elderly People, Their Medicines and Their Doctors
Alison Norman
Assessing Risk
Olive Stevenson
Vulnerable to Abuse
Grainne Sheridan
Baffle Locks
In Whose Best Interest?

Peter Blackburn
Freedom to Wander
Tim Booth
Obstacles to the Development of User-Centred Services
Leonie Kellaher and Sheila Peace
Rest Assured
New Moves in Quality Assurance for Residential Care

Phyllida Parsloe and Olive Stevenson
A Powerhouse for Change
Empowering Users

Chris Phillipson
Approaches to Advocacy
Andrew Blaikie
The Pensioners' Movement
Federation, Consolidation, Fragmentation, 1938-48

Zelda Curtis
On Being a Woman in the Pensioners' Movement
Julia Johnson and Bill Bytheway
Concept and Definition

Jenny Morris
`Us' and `Them'? Feminist Research, Community Care and Disability
Andrew Sixsmith
Philosophical Perspectives on Quality of Life
David O Moberg
Religion and Aging
Beverley Hughes
Gerontological Approaches to Quality of Life
Michael Bury and Anthea Holme
Measuring Quality of Life
Roy Parker
Ideology and the Private Sector of Welfare
Robin Means
Housing and Community Care
Paul Johnson, Christoph Conrad and David Thompson
Workers versus Pensioners
Michael Young and Tom Schuller
The New Prospects for Retirement
Alan Walker and Jens Alber
Older People in Europe
Social and Economic Policies

Mark Abrams
Born 1898
A Brief Group Biography

Joanna Bornat
Oral History as a Social Movement
Reminiscence and Older People

John Young and James George
History of Migration to the United Kingdom
Paul Thompson
Glimpses of a Lost History
Robin Means
Social Services for Elderly People
From Beveridge to Thatcher

Helen Evers
The Historical Development of Geriatric Medicine as a Specialty
George Minois
History of Old Age in Western Culture and Society
Russell A Ward
The Politics of Age
Alex Kalache
Ageing in Developing Countries
Has it Got Anything to Do with Us?

Jill Grigsby
Paths for Future Population Ageing
Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider
Can We Survive the World Revolution?

`An imaginative collection of articles and papers.... It is a real pleasure to recommend this very pleasing collection, which is a welcome addition to any gerontology library, personal or public.' - Baseline

`This book offers a wealth of valuable information together with a collection of fascinating insights into ageing and later life. Although its scope it extremely ambitious, it manages to highlight the most salient aspects of social gerontology and will appeal to readers at all levels in this subject.... In summary, this is an extremely enjoyable and very informative book which should have wide appeal and represents excellent value.' - Update

`From personal accounts to academic treatise, with the thoughtful fiction of Alan Bennett cheek by jowl with commentary on the place of old age in Agatha Christie, one is able to observe the full range of possibility. Image, value, policy, power; these, and other perspectives, are fluidly present. It embraces, then, like the course it supports, a multi-disciplinary approach.... The Open University strikes again.... it has truly been in the production of texts, in respect both of content and presentation, that the Open University has made so significant a mark. The re-designed course, An Ageing Society, not least its accessible reader, is yet another contribution.' - Ageing and Society