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Alchemies of Violence

Alchemies of Violence
Myths of Identity and the Life of Trade in Western India

First Edition

August 2004 | 252 pages | SAGE India
This study shows how myths construct and express the social identities of a community. Focusing on Rajasthan, it describes how myths here mostly centre around the theme of violence and its rejection. The social persona of the trading groups are created around this and hence issues of violence and its control emerge as the symbolic key to trader social identity in this cultural context.

Analyzing what myths have to say about traders, the author examines the nature of caste in general, as well as the specific place of trading castes in Indian society. Moreover he looks at the problems of the social identity of traders. By studying myths, the book shows how Indian trading groups have dealt with these problems by using symbolic material provided by their specific social and cultural milieu.

Finally the author looks at the role of myth itself as a repository of socially important knowledge.

Violence and the Ways of Trade
Sages and Warriors
Melted Warriors
Warriors Exiled
Going Public
Traders Victorious

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ISBN: 9780761932239

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