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Alt-Right Movement

Alt-Right Movement
Dissecting Racism, Patriarchy and Anti-immigrant Xenophobia

  • Ipsita Chatterjee - Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environment, University of North Texas

June 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The Alt-Right movement has gained prominence in recent years after distinguishing itself from traditional conservatism and mobilizing support on social media. Its critique of contemporary diversity politics is now gaining considerable attention. Alt-Right Movement: Dissecting Racism, Patriarchy and Anti-immigrant Xenophobia presents a comprehensive study of the Alt-Right movement by examining its objectives and strategies through speeches, tweets and media responses of its followers. The book traces the movement’s ideological pioneers and analyses reports of right-wing think tanks to understand how the Alt-Right conceives of its identity, perceives ‘the other’ and gains popular support. The study explores the Alt-Right’s complex reconciliation of individualism with group identity and the movement’s controversial attitude towards gender, race, nationalism and immigration. These findings become the basis for exploring extremist identity politics juxtaposed against the possibility of coexistence in an increasingly polarized world. 

Individual Freedom, Liberal Politics and the Production of Alt-right
Heidegger, Nietzsche and the Alt-right Philosophy
Alt-right Women and the Reconstruction of Patriarchy and Feminism
Alt-right and Islamophobia as Disembodiment
White Fetishism, Ethno-space and Anti-immigrant Xenophobia

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ISBN: 9789353887896