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Am Gov - Interactive eBook

Am Gov - Interactive eBook
Long Story Short

First Edition

April 2019 | CQ Press
This interactive eBook includes access to SAGE Premium Video and much more! 

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This dynamic interactive eBook goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking, giving you access to SAGE Premium Video—curated and produced specifically for AmGov. Read your mobile-friendly eBook and access SAGE Premium Video and multimedia tools anywhere, anytime across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of multimedia features, including:
  • VIDEO: Boost learning and bolster analysis with SAGE Premium Video! Recapping the fundamentals in every chapter, each video activity is paired with chapter learning objectives and tied to assessment via SAGE coursepacks, offering an engaging approach that appeals to diverse learners. This eBook includes “Topics in American Government” videos that cover fundamental topics taught in the course, with associated questions that assess students’ learning across multiple levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. News clips from the Associated Press are also included that cover recent events aligned to course concepts and that include assessment questions tied to multiple levels of Bloom’s.
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  • ONLINE CONTENT: Access more online content via links to important data, relevant background, and profiles that enrich key concepts in the text.

Read This First (or Else Nothing Else Will Make Sense)
Chapter 1: Politics and Citizenship
1.1 Introduction to Politics

1.2 Coming to Terms: Politics, Government, and Economics

1.3 Political-Economic Systems

1.4 American Political Culture

1.5 American Political Ideologies

1.6 Political Narratives and the Media

1.7 Mediated Citizenship

Chapter 2: The United States Founding
2.1 Introduction to the Founding

2.2 The Social Contract

2.3 The Declaration of Independence

2.4 The Articles of Confederation

2.5 The Constitutional Convention

2.6 Ratification

2.7 Basic Constitutional Principles

2.8 Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances

2.9 Federalism and Checks and Balances

2.10 Changes in Federalism over Time

2.11 Federalism Today

2.12 Amending the Constitution

Chapter 3: Civil Liberties and Rights
3.1 Introduction to Civil Liberties and Rights

3.2 Rights Equal Power

3.3 Bill of Rights

3.4 Civil Liberties - Understanding the First Amendment

3.5 Civil Liberties - Understanding the Due Process Rights

3.6 Civil Liberties - Understanding the Right to Privacy

3.7 Civil Rights - Battling Political Inequality

3.8 Civil Rights - The Case of Race

3.9 Civil Rights - The Case of Gender

3.10 The Persistence of inequality in America

Chapter 4: The Legislative Branch
4.1 Introduction to the Legislative Branch

4.2 How the Constitution Structures Congress

4.3 How Congress Organizes Itself

4.4 The Congressional Role in Checks and Balances

4.5 Doing the Hard Work of Making Laws

4.6 Tensions that Challenge Congress' Ability to Do its Job

4.7 Congressional Elections

4.8 Who Runs and Who Wins? Does Congress Look Like America?

4.9 The 116th Congress

Chapter 5: The Executive Branch
5.1 Introduction to the Executive Branch

5.2 The Job of the American President

5.3 The Evolution of the American Presidency

5.4 Presidents, Popularity, and Congress

5.5 What Is Bureaucracy and Why Do We Need it?

5.6 The Purpose and Organization of the White House Bureaucracy

5.7 The Purpose and Organization of the Federal Bureaucracy: The Rest of the Executive Branch

5.8 Power Plays in Bureaucracy

Chapter 6: The U.S. Legal System
Chapter 7: Parties and Interest Groups
7.1 Introduction to Parties and Interest Groups

7.2 Parties and Interest Groups, Defined

7.3 The Role of Parties in a Democracy

7.4 Party Organization and Decision-Making

7.5 The Parties Today

7.6 Interest Group Basics

7.7 Interest Group Politics

7.8 Was Madison Right to Worry?

Chapter 8: Public Opinion, Campaigns, and Elections
8.1 Introduction to Public Opinion, Campaigns, and Elections

8.2 The Quality of Public Opinion

8.3 How Do We Know What Americans Think?

8.4 How Do We Form Our Opinions?

8.5 The Ultimate Poll - Voting in U.S. Elections

8.6 The Presidential Elections

8.7 The General Election and the Electoral College

Chapter 9: The Mass Media
Chapter 10: Policy

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