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American Multicultural Studies

American Multicultural Studies
Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality

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Enlightening interpretations of what it means to live in a multicultural society.

July 2012 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
American Multicultural Studies: Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality provides an interdisciplinary view of multicultural studies in the United States, addressing a wide range of topics that continue to define and shape this area of study. This collection of essays responds to the need to open up a rich avenue for addressing current and continuing issues of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural diversity, and education in their varied forms. Substantial thematic overlaps are found between sections and essays, all of which are oriented toward a single broad objective: to develop new and different ways of addressing how multicultural issues, in their discursive sociocultural contexts, are inextricably linked to the operations of power. Power, as a site of resistance to which it invariably gives rise, is tacked from a perspective that attends to the complexities of America's history and politics.

Sherrow O. Pinder
Introduction: The Concept and Definition of American Multicultural Studies
Theorizing Issues Concerning American Multicultural Studies
Babacar M’Baye
What is Black in the Melting Pot? A Critique of Afrocentrist and Postmodernist Discourses on Blackness
Kulvinder Arora
Multicultural Rhythms: Musical and Racial Harmony
Paola Bohórquez
In-Between Languages: Translingual Living and Writing in the United States
Cindy LaCom
Ableist Colonizations: Re-framing Disability in Multicultural Studies
Kevin Johnson
Ontological Violence and American Cultural Psyche: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry of an American Cultural Identity
Jennifer Asenas
The Past as Rhetorical Resource for Resistance: Remembering Nonviolence in Eyes on the Prize
Jenny Heijun Wills
Transnational Adoption, Paradoxical Essentialism, and Obama-Era Racial Politics in America
Nicole Amber Haggard
Race, Sex and Hollywood: Black Men and White Women Censored
Cynthia Bynoe and Sherrow O. Pinder
Multiculturalism, Women, and the Need for a Feminist Analysis
Thelma Pinto
Claiming Sarah Baartman: Black Womanhood in the Global Imaginary
Mariam Esseghaier
Assimilation in a Bikini:” The Re-Veiling and Disciplining of Rima Fakih, the First Muslim-Arab Woman to Win Miss USA
Mariangela Orabona
Sensing Race and Gender in Contemporary Postcolonial Art
Yvonne D. Sims
“I Have Two Loves”: Josephine Baker and the Duality of Identity in the United States and France
Wendy M.K. Peters
Indigenous Soul Wounding and Memetic Development: A Personal Exploration of Cultural Emergence
John Tawa, Karen L. Suyemoto, and Jesse J. Tauriac
Blacks’ and Asians’ Intergroup Perceptions and Stereotypes: Implications for moving beyond a binary analysis of race-relations
Sarah Kanbar
al-Mahjar: Little Syria and the Creation of Syrian-American Identity, 1890-1940
Christopher B. Zeichmann and Nathanael P. Romero
Redescribing the Redskin Controversy: Cultural Sensitivity, Working-Class Habitus, and the Mascot’s Enduring Popularity
Elizabeth Renfro
Saying I Do: Marriage as Institutionalized Passing
Mara Marin
Marriage, Sex and Subordination
Helen Linberg
Mut’ah as Social Contract - Consent and Reciprocity in an Islamic Sexual Contract
Henry Zomerfeld and Kyeonghi Baek
The Absence of African-American Churches in the Same Sex Marriage Battle: Why Not at the Frontlines of the Same-Sex Marriage Battle?
Cultural Diversity
Alan Ashton-Smith
Multi Kontra Culti: The Gypsy Punk Counterculture
Cynthia Lytle
The Power of Language in Mixed-Race Identities in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman and Fox Girl
Jürgen Heinrichs
Can We? Reality and representation of social and political change in American visual discourse
Eduardo Barros Grela
Graffiti Art and Chicano Visualities: A Multicultural Rewriting of Californian Spatialities
Antonio L. Ellis and Nicholas Daniel Hartlep
Rethinking Speech and Language Impairments within Fluency Dominated Cultures
Teresa Cotner
Color-Blindsided at the Intersection of Culture and Curriculum Integration in Art
Christine Dobbins and Mark Malisa
Complicit in their in their own marginalization: Teacher perceptions on women’s representation in 11th grade U.S. History textbooks
Sean Robinson
Multicultural Studies & Sexual Diversity: A Postmodern Queer(y) for All

I had two distinct classes that are being combined into one.

Professor Elizabeth Kelly
Sociology Dept, Ouachita Baptist University
February 18, 2015

Just too harsh for Oklahoma.

Dr Dorothy Weaver
social science, Oklahoma St Univ-Oklahoma City
May 14, 2014

While this book is a good one, the cost of requiring it along with another textbook was too cost-prohibitive for my students.

Melissa Camacho
Broadcast Electronic Comm Dept, San Francisco State University
October 30, 2013

Used other text.

Mr Frank Rodriguez
School Of Juvenile Justice, Prairie View A & M University
October 18, 2013

Still under review

Dr Mark Malisa
School Of Education, College of St Rose
August 22, 2013
Key features
  • The content is organized into five sections—each covering the broad topics of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and culture—presenting readers with a well-organized, easily digestible format.
  • Each section contains several 15-20 page essays written by authors from various research backgrounds including women's studies, political science, sociology, literature cultural studies, communication studies, anthropology, and philosophy, offering readers a broad range of perspectives.

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