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Long Story Short

Second Edition

January 2021 | 392 pages | CQ Press

CHAPTER 1: Politics and Citizenship
CHAPTER 2: The United States’ Founding
CHAPTER 3: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
CHAPTER 4: The Legislative Branch
CHAPTER 5: The Executive Branch
CHAPTER 6: The Judicial Branch
CHAPTER 7: Parties and Interest Groups
CHAPTER 8: Public Opinion, Campaigns, and Elections
CHAPTER 9: Media and Political Communication
CHAPTER 10: Domestic and Foreign Policy
Key features


  • Annotations on the left keep students on target, giving them questions to guide their reading, points to remember, and succinct definitions and summaries.
  • Dig Deeper features direct students to additional online resources that they can easily access to expand their knowledge around key topics.
  • 10 Streamlined chapters break down the topical coverage into brief, skill-building learning modules and provide a detailed guide for understanding the basics of American government.
  • Color-coded tabs separate each chapter making it easy to skim, flip, revisit, reorient, and return to content quickly. 
  • A spiral binding creates a resource that will lay flat for easy reference, helping students with hands-free reading and studying.
  • A conversational writing style that is fun to read keeps students engaged while still offering educationally valuable content. 
  • Reading aids like bullets, annotations, and arrows walk students through important facts and breaks up the material in short, engaging bites of information. 
  • SAGE course outcomes are crafted with specific course outcomes in mind and vetted by advisors in the field. By clearly defining and benchmarking the knowledge and skills students are expected to achieve upon completion of your course, SAGE course outcomes help you track and measure student success. 
  • SAGE coursepacks allows instructors to import high-quality content into their school’s learning management system (LMS) with no access codes.
  • SAGE edge provides students helpful tools, including eFlashcards, practice quizzes, and more, in one easy-to-use online environment. 

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ISBN: 9781071808979