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The Association for Psychological Science, SAGE Publishing launch innovative journal on research methods and practices

September 21, 2017

SAGE Publishing today announces that it will expand its partnership with the Association for Psychological Science to launch Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (AMPPS) in early 2018.

“As Editor, it is a privilege to join other APS journals in promoting best research practices in psychological science," said Daniel J. Simons, Editor of AMPPS. "We are excited about the potential for Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science to communicate advances in research methods, practices, and meta-science. We look forward to publishing a diverse range of articles that not only convey important advances from all areas of psychology, but also help researchers learn and develop new research skills."

AMPPS will publish new types of articles, tutorials, and empirical works that reflect various approaches to research across the field. Its Research Practices section will include statistics tutorials, articles on new research tools, commentaries, simulation studies for new techniques, and best practices articles and debates, among others. Its Empirical section will cover methodological articles, policy-oriented empirical studies, large-scale studies adopting new and innovative methodological approaches, registered reports of original research, and more.

“A primary goal of AMPPS is to make methodology and related areas accessible broadly across all of the diverse areas within the field psychological science,” said Sarah Brookhart, APS Executive Director.  “AMPPS will play a significant role in education, training and evidence-based public policy as well as advancing cutting-edge research methods and open science.”

“The articles published in Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science will shape the future of psychological research,” commented Bob Howard, Senior Vice President of Global Journals, SAGE Publishing. “We are delighted to publish this journal, extending our long-held commitment to supporting researchers adopting new research methodologies.”

SAGE has published pioneering textbooks and journals on research methods for more than four decades. Responding to the needs of today’s researchers, as well as to advances in technology and big data, the company now offers datasets, case studies, educational videos on key techniques and the latest trends within research methods, and most recently, data science courses.

AMPPS will be the new home for the APS Registered Replication Reports (published through 2017 in Perspectives on Psychological Science). Visit AMPPS’s website for more information.

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