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Analyzing Social Networks Using R

Analyzing Social Networks Using R

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July 2022 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This approachable book introduces network research in R, walking you through every step of doing social network analysis. Drawing together research design, data collection and data analysis, it explains the core concepts of network analysis in a non-technical way.

The book balances an easy to follow explanation of the theoretical and statistical foundations underpinning network analysis with practical guidance on key steps like data management, preparation and visualisation. With clarity and expert insight, it:

• Discusses measures and techniques for analyzing social network data, including digital media 
• Explains a range of statistical models including QAP and ERGM, giving you the tools to approach different types of networks
• Offers digital resources like practice datasets and worked examples that help you get to grips with R software

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Mathematical Foundations
Chapter 3: Research Design
Chapter 4: Data Collection
Chapter 5: Data Management
Chapter 6: Multivariate Techniques Used in Network Analysis
Chapter 7: Visualization
Chapter 8: Local Node-Level Measures
Chapter 9: Centrality
Chapter 10: Group-level measures
Chapter 11: Subgroups and community detection
Chapter 12: Equivalence
Chapter 13: Analyzing Two-mode Data
Chapter 14: Introduction to Inferential Statistics for Complete Networks
Chapter 15: ERGMs and SAOMs


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