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Assessing and Managing the Acutely Ill Patient for Nursing Associates

Assessing and Managing the Acutely Ill Patient for Nursing Associates

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January 2023 | 192 pages | Learning Matters

Acutely ill adults present in a variety of settings and caring for them is a key part of the nursing associate role. This book equips you with the skills and knowledge to assess the acutely ill adult and manage their care. Each chapter follows a case study of a patient presenting with an acute illness, working step-by-step through their assessment and care whilst drawing on relevant pathophysiology, pharmacology and evidence-based practice. Written in clear language specifically for the nursing associate, this is your perfect introduction to the world of acute care.

Key features

  • Fully mapped to the NMC Standards of Proficiency for Nursing Associates (2018)
  • Introduces a range of commonly encountered acute illnesses across different body systems
  • A unique case study approach uses real-world practice scenarios to make understanding the complex theory, pathophysiology and pharmacology much easier
  • Focuses specifically on the requirements of the nursing associate role, helping you to develop into a confident professional practitioner

Chapter 1: Developing your practice as a newly qualified nursing associate
Chapter 2: Assessment and Resuscitation of the acutely ill adult patient
Chapter 3: The acutely ill respiratory patient – Asthma
Chapter 4: The acutely ill cardiac patient – ST Elevation Myocardial Infract (STEMI)
Chapter 5: The acutely ill neurological patient – Ischemic Stroke
Chapter 6: The acutely ill endocrine patient – Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)
Chapter 7: The acutely ill gastro-intestinal patient – Upper GI Bleed
Chapter 8: The acutely ill renal patient – Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Chapter 9: The acutely ill trauma patient – Road Traffic Accident (RTA)
Chapter 10: The acutely ill post-operative patient – Post-operative complication
Chapter 11: The acutely ill sepsis patient – Sepsis

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