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Alan Peacock University of Exeter, UK

Alan Peacock is Honorary University Fellow at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, and until recently was Editor of Primary Science journal for six years. He has worked in teaching, training and research in science education for over 40 years, in various regions of the UK and overseas.  He has carried out primary science consultancy work for the British Council, UNESCO, the EU, The National Trust, various environmental groups and numerous NGOs in Africa, including in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Senegal and Mozambique. His publications include Science Skills: A Problem-Solving Activities Book (Taylor & Francis); Science in Primary Schools: The Multicultural Dimension (Routledge); Opportunities for Science in the Primary School (Trentham); Teaching Primary Science (Macmillan Education) and Eco-literacy for Primary Schools (Trentham).  He has also written and edited the Sayansi (Science) series of pupils’ science texts for Tanzanian schools, and recently chaired the UNESCO working group on ‘Guidelines for enhancing quality education through textbooks’.