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Debashis Chakraborty Associate Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Kolkata

Debashis Chakraborty is Associate Professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Kolkata. His research interests include international trade and WTO policy issues, RTAs, environmental sustainability considerations, economic development in India and India’s intra-industry trade (IIT) relations. Dr Chakraborty has completed a number of projects for the Government of India, corporate bodies and international agencies including World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and others. He has been involved in empirical economic research for more than a decade and extensively published his research articles in national and international refereed journals. He also has 11 volumes (including both co-authored and co-edited ones) to his credit. His co-edited volume entitled Trade, Investment and Economic Development in Asia: Empirical and Policy Issues has been published recently. Dr Chakraborty is currently working on the level and determinants of India’s IIT across sectors with partners and its implications on labour market outcomes. Of late, he is also focusing on the popularization of sustainability narrative among readers in wider forums. Dr Chakraborty is presently a co-editor of Foreign Trade Review (SAGE), which is a comprehensive forum for disseminating theoretical and empirical research on the issues related to international trade and investment.

Over the years, Dr Chakraborty has been involved in training a large pool of government officials and corporate executives on trade policy and competitiveness analysis, and the application of quantitative techniques to form future policy decisions.