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Elena Bergia Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Elena Bergia holds a PhD in Anthropology/Irish Studies from Queen’s University Belfast. Her PhD project revolved around the construction of gender identities in nationalist West Belfast, focusing particularly on the impact of the Northern Irish ethno-political conflict on gender identities and on the intersections of gender with ethnicity, political affiliation, and class belonging. Her PhD dissertation is based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in the area of research, conducted through participant observation and semi-structured interviews. She also holds a master of science in Social and Cultural Anthropology (with honors) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her MA dissertation is also based on ethnographic fieldwork in West Belfast and concerns the formation of ethno-political identities in the area. She is the recipient of the Emerging Scholar Award 2014 from ACIS West (American Conference on Irish Studies, Western Regional) for the paper: “Irish republicans in Northern Ireland. On ethnicity, politics, and class, and on the nature of imagined communities,” presented at the ACIS West’s Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in October 2014.