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Giulia F. Zampini University of Greenwich, UK

Dr Giulia Federica Zampini is a Senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Greenwich. Giulia's formal academic studies span across history, politics, social policy and socio-legal studies, but she is also interested in anthropology, ethics, and moral psychology. Giulia is attracted to a variety of theoretical and epistemological positions, including – but not limited to – feminism standpoint theory, critical theory, and critical realism.

Giulia's research interests centre around evidence and policy; drugs, prostitution, morality, harm reduction, decriminalisation, and prison education. Giulia is dedicated to research, activism, and advocacy for harm reduction across drug policy and prostitution policy and committed to enabling platforms for marginalised communities and knowledges, including people who use drugs and people who are incarcerated. Her current ongoing project, People and Dancefloors: narratives of drug-taking, involves team-based participatory action research through film.