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Heather B. Weiss Harvard Family Research Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

Heather B. Weiss is founder and director of the Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP; and senior research associate/instructor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Founded in 1983, HFRP’s mission is to improve practice, intervention, and policy to support children’s successful development from birth to adulthood. Dr. Weiss and her HFRP colleagues conduct, synthesize, and disseminate research and evaluation information and develop professional and organizational learning tools that support evaluation, continuous improvement, and accountability and that spark innovation. A cornerstone of HFRP’s work is the promotion, documentation, and assessment of complementary learning: strategies that support children’s learning and development in family and community settings as well as school contexts. Under Dr. Weiss’s leadership, HFRP created the national Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE); informed policy development in the areas of children, youth and families; and significantly expanded its complementary learning resources to include early childhood education, afterschool and expanded learning time opportunities, and digital media and learning. Dr. Weiss writes, speaks, and advises on programs and policies for children and families and is a consultant and advisor to numerous foundations on strategic grant making and evaluation. Her recent publications focus on reframing research and evaluation to support continuous improvement and results-based decision making, examining the case for complementary learning from a research and policy perspective, and assessing new ways of providing and evaluating professional development. Dr. Weiss received her EdD in education and social policy from Harvard University.