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James E. Steiner SUNY Albany, USA

Dr. James E. Steiner served in the CIA for more than 30 years, focusing on a variety of issues—from Soviet defense and economic issues to crime and narcotics. As Deputy Director for Crime and Narcotics, Steiner led the Intelligence Community's analytic program, and managed the CIA's operational programs aimed at countering illegal drug production and interdicting drug flows to the US; he was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. In addition, Dr. Steiner served as Intelligence Advisor to the director of New York State’s Office of Homeland Security; was a consultant to the Chief Intelligence Officer at the federal Department of Homeland Security from 2006-2009; and has taught intelligence analysis at the FBI Academy. Currently a professor of public service at Rockefeller College, State University of New York, Albany, he teaches graduate-level courses in intelligence with emphasis on homeland security intelligence. Steiner earned his PhD from Georgetown in 1977.