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Arora, Radhika

Radhika Arora Indian Institute of Publich Health, Delhi

Radhika Arora is presently enrolled in the Master of Public Health Programme at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp. She is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Public Health, Delhi, where she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics, Financing and Policy. She has previously worked at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) towards developing audio-visual case studies on innovative programmes in the area of maternal and child health being implemented in India. Before joining PHFI, Arora worked as a features writer with Outlook Traveller and Time Out, Delhi. She has a Masters in Broadcast Journalism and almost six years of experience in both print and broadcast journalism, as well as development communications. She has worked with NDTV and CARE India. Her interest in public health, developed after she worked, briefly at Delhi-based public relations firm, Imprimis PR, which specialized in health communications. Her present work assignment at PHFI allows her to apply her past work experience in broadcast journalism to health.