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Rosemary Morgan Johns Hopkins University, USA

Rosemary Morgan is an Assistant Scientist at Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health on the project ‘Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs): Building Stronger Health Systems’. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins University, Rosemary was a Lecturer in Global Health Policy for the Global Public Health Unit at the University of Edinburgh, and a Research and Teaching Fellow at the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development at the University of Leeds, where she worked on two international health projects: ‘Health System Stewardship and Regulation in Vietnam, India and China’ (HESVIC); and the ‘Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa’ (CHEPSAA). She holds a Ph.D. in International Health and Development from the University of Leeds, an M.Sc. in Policy Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of British Columbia.