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Laura E. Berk Textbooks: Important Order Information


Which of Dr. Berk's textbooks will be available for my fall 2022 course(s)?

  • Four of Dr. Berk's textbooks now published by SAGE and listed below will be available for your fall 2022 course(s).
  • Current editions previously published by Pearson with no changes/updates.
  • All chronologically organized 


What ISBN should I give my bookstore? 


Paperback (bound)

Looseleaf (print)


Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 9e




Infants and Children, 9e




Development Through the Lifespan, 7e




Exploring Lifespan Development, 4e




When are these titles available from SAGE? 

  • eBooks: July 5, 2022 
  • Print books: July 26, 2022
  • Instructor Resources: July 5, 2022

**Remember—you can continue using the exact same books, down to the same page numbers, this fall. So existing resources such as test banks will remain functional, but any integrations with Pearson Revel will no longer work. 

What instructor resources will SAGE offer with these titles? 

SAGE LMS Course Cartridge per each book, which inlcude:

1. Instructor's Resource Manual 

  • Brief chapter summaries 
  • Chapter outlines 
  • Lecture enhancements covering cutting-edge topics and suggestions for using the content in class 
  • Learning activities that provide "live" examples of research findings, discussion topics, and written assignments 
  • Model answers to the text's Ask Yourself questions 

2. Test Bank 

3. PowerPoint presentation 

How do I set up and gain access to the Berk Course Cartridge?

SAGE is offering Zoom Webinars in July and August 2022 to show instructors how to embed their Berk resources into their LMS (Campus Learning Management System) -- please check with your SAGE sales rep for more details.

**A self-service recording will be available in July 2022 as well

Contact SAGE technical support or your local sales representative if you need help accessing your course materials.

Will the test bank be in an LMS Course Cartridge? 

Yes, all four titles will offer an LMS Course Cartridge in which the test bank is included as an LMS compatible file for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and D2L. We will also have an ExamView version of the test bank available.

Will the test bank be available in Word? 

We will not offer word test banks for any Berk title.

What video resources will I have access to with SAGE's versions of these books?

DVDs previously available upon adoption from Pearson are now offered from SAGE. Video content pairs with each SAGE version of Dr. Berk’s titles. These are available to adopters upon request. To request a DVD please complete this form.

Each DVD includes over 6 total hours of footage and contains more than 50 narrated segments—delivered in chunks that range between 1.5 to 20 minutes—illustrating theories, concepts, and milestones of child development. 10 of these segments—covering child and adolescent development—were newly created and added in 2019.

Videos span a range of topics, offering:

  • Cases that span 15-20 minutes long
  • Observational footage, which runs 1.5-5 minutes long
  • Key milestones, research studies, or foundational theories are also addressed in videos that range from 1.5-5 minutes in length

A detailed table of contents guide to development videos and relevant topics/book content is available within the instructor’s manual for each title.

Will these titles be available in SAGE Vantage?

No, we will not offer Vantage versions of these current editions. 

We will revise each text into Vantage as soon as possible (with a revision launching as soon as Fall 2023, with others following soon after). 

When will the assignments from REVEL and MyDevelopmentLab be available for me to use? 

Vantage courseware and related assessment will not be available until the Berk texts revise. 

  • Infants, Children and Adolescents, Tenth Edition and Infants and Children, Tenth Edition will be available in Fall 2023 in Vantage.
  • Development Through the Lifespan, Eighth Edition and Exploring Lifespan Development, Fifth Edition will be available in 2024 in Vantage. 

How do I continue to use MyVirtualChild with Laura Berk's texts? 

You can continue to order and assign MyVirtualChild directly from Pearson. Contact your local sales representative for assistance.

When will I lose access to my Pearson versions of Berk? 

Pearson will no longer offer Dr. Berk’s products for use as of 5/31/2022. This includes REVEL and LMS (Learning Management System) embedded access. 

SAGE eBooks are available on 7/5/2022. 

SAGE Course Cartridges which include a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and a robust instructor manual are available on 7/5/2022. 

Student quizzes and online exercises will not be available until SAGE creates a Vantage courseware version of these texts.

SAGE print versions publish on 7/26/2022.