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Aesthetics in Marketing

Aesthetics in Marketing

First Edition
  • Rajat K Baisya - Professor and Head (Retd.), Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • G. Ganesh Das - North Delhi Power Limited, Delhi

June 2018 | 316 pages | SAGE Response
Aesthetics is a term most used in the context of visual beauty. This book attempts to define aesthetics by broadening the understanding of the elements it is composed of. It draws attention to all the senses thus introducing the concept of total aesthetic experience in a product.

This book uncovers and looks into various aesthetic attributes and qualities in a product. It also deliberates the importance of each of these attributes, qualities and elements of aesthetics and the kind of balance necessary between each, for designing successful products.

The contemporary consumer attaches a great deal of importance to factors such as brand identity, brand image, corporate image etc. The relationships between these factors and the aesthetics of a product are discussed at length along with an analysis of how aesthetic consideration of a product influences sales and to what extent these attributes are essential for the success of a product.

An important feature of this book is that theory, concepts and models discussed here have a strong foundation in research conducted by the authors. The book relates aesthetics concepts to real life case studies. An additional feature of the book is that it elaborates the practical implications for a marketermpany to create a successful product.


M B Shin

Introduction to Aesthetics

Aesthetics, its Qualities and Attributes

Aesthetics and Design and its Role in Products

Aesthetics, Design and Consumer Behaviour

Aesthetic Influence on Consumer Behaviour and Durables

Demographic Variables and Branding in Consumer Durables

Total Aesthetic Experience-A Discussion

The Aesthetic Framework-A Synthesis of Concepts

Companies` Approach to Design and Aesthetics

Role of Aesthetics in Marketing



…is a book for Indian designers and brand marketers which deals with understanding aesthetics beyond its visual association and making it relevant to product designing strategies.

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This is a book for designers and brand marketers and deals with understanding aesthetics beyond visual association and making it relevant to product designing strategies. Through real-life case studies, interviews, and company and consumer surveys the authors have brought to the fore the importance of aesthetics and business.

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