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The Contemporary Superintendent

The Contemporary Superintendent
Preparation, Practice, and Development

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July 2005 | 304 pages | Corwin
The role, practice, and preparation of today and tomorrow's superintendent!

A strong superintendent is critical to the success of an entire school district. So why is it one of the most deregulated positions? Over the past several decades, many states have either rescinded licensing requirements for school district superintendents or abandoned regulations altogether. The Contemporary Superintendent offers a scholarly and objective analysis of the issues surrounding the state policies that appoint superintendents.

Lars G. Björk and Theodore Kowalski have developed a coherent guide to critical professional aspects such as superintendent licensures, professional preparation, and staff development. Featuring the research of educational leadership specialists, this resource is not to be missed!

The Contemporary Superintendent includes:

  • Quality strategies by the field's top scholars to implement decisive practices for superintendents
  • Detailed analysis of the concerns over superintendent qualifications and preparations
  • An examination of past, present, and future practices of superintendents
  • A distinct look at the evolution of the role of the superintendent
Developed over a three-year period, the authors have compiled a collection of useful, hands-on strategies for aspiring and existing superintendents, as well as ideas for adoption in the educational administration, leadership professional development, and educational policy areas.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
1. Evolution of the School District Superintendent Position by Theodore J. Kowalski
2. Characteristics of American School Superintendents by Lars G. Björk, Thomas E. Glass, and C. Cryss Brunner
3. National Education Reform Reports: Implications for Professional Preparation and Development by Lars G. Björk, Theodore J. Kowalski, and Michelle D. Young
4. Learning Theory and Research: A Framework for Changing Superintendent Preparation and Development by Lars G. Björk, Theodore J. Kowalski, and Tricia Browne-Ferrigno
5. The Superintendent as Instructional Leader: Current Practice, Future Conceptualizations, and Implications for Preparation by George J. Petersen and Bruce G. Barnett
6. Superintendent as Organizational Manager by Tricia Browne-Ferrigno and Thomas E. Glass
7. Superintendent as Educational Statesman and Political Strategist by Lars G. Björk and D. Keith Gurley
8. Reconceptualizing the Superintendency: Superintendents as Applied Social Scientists and Social Activists by Bonnie C. Fusarelli and Lance D. Fusarelli
9. Preparing Superintendents to Be Effective Communicators by Theodore J. Kowalski and John L. Keedy
10. Women Superintendents and Role Conception: (Un)Troubling the Norms by Margaret Grogan and C. Cryss Brunner
11. Superintendents of Color: Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Implications for Professional Preparation and Practice by Juanita Cleaver Simmons

"Bjork and Kowalski have assembled a dozen contributors in this coherent guide that examines critical aspects of professional preparation, licensing and continuing development and the evolution of the role of the superintendent. If, as the editors state, a primary objective of the book is to "enlighten decisions that affect the preparation and licensing of school superintendents," that goal is realized and exceeded."

The School Administrator
January 2006
Key features


  • Addresses growing concern over superintendency qualifications and preparation
  • Editors and authors are experts in their fields and well-known names
  • Content presented at AERA 2004
  • UCEA-backed

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