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From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement

From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement
45 Classroom Management Strategies

  • Laura E. Pinto - University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

June 2013 | 232 pages | Corwin

The forward-thinking techniques you need to manage today’s diverse classrooms

A well-managed classroom is a successful one. But as cultural diversity increases in schools, old classroom management strategies are growing ineffective—or even counterproductive. In a comprehensive, practical guide, Laura E. Pinto details why today’s classrooms are best managed by valuing culturally responsive engagement and what teachers must do for their classrooms to flourish in this new reality. 

Drawing from extensive research, Pinto outlines action steps for teachers to critically reflect on their management style, then implement changes to supercharge the learning experience for students of all cultural backgrounds.  The book includes:

  • Keys to developing the cultural fluency necessary to prepare students from all backgrounds for success
  • Exercises for teachers to reflect deeply on how they manage their classrooms and to identify areas for improvement
  • 45 easy strategies—including many that support the Common Core—for boosting engagement and cultural responsiveness in the classroom

Readable and compelling, From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement is essential for any educator ready to adapt to the changing face of classrooms.

“The book creates a type of neural pathway between classroom management and the nature of relationship-building that is grounded by culturally responsive practice. Incorporating the relationship and significance of the common core only adds to the development of teacher capacity and efficacy development."
—Deborah Childs-Bowen, Chief Learning Officer
Alliance for Leadership in Education, Atlanta, GA

About the Author
PART 1: Foundations of Classroom Management and Culturally Responsive Practice
1. Revising Classroom Management With Fresh Eyes
2. Cultural Responsiveness as Key to Classroom Management
3. The Classroom Management Spectrum
PART 2: 45 Practical Strategies for Classroom Management
4. Comfortable Learning Cribs: The Physical Environment and Routines
5. Here’s the Deal…Laying Out Expectations and Rules
6. Excuse Me? Strategies for Immediate Actions in Response to Students
7. Let’s See What You’ve Been Up To: Tracking Student Behavior
8. Pay It Forward: Rewards Systems in Your Classroom
9. Welcome Mom and Dad: Enhancing Parent-Teacher Collaboration and Communication
10. What’s the Buzz? Student-Teacher and Class-Teacher Communication
11. Everybody In! Strategies for Group Communication and Engaged Learning
PART 3: Professional Learning Communities
12. Professional Learning Community Guide to Culturally Responsive Classroom Management

"This quick-format reference book will assist any teacher, new or seasoned, in establishing and/or enhancing their classroom management systems in respect to cultural responsiveness."

Gary L. Willhite, Teacher Educator/Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin La Crosse, La Crosse, WI

"It is comprehensive, well thought-out, and covers areas about classroom management and discipline that I don't normally see in educational references. The author addresses the classroom management challenges facing teachers today as they deal with the many cultural, ethnic, and diverse backgrounds of our students. It makes a strong contribution into understanding the problematic and ever changing world of educational discipline in the classroom. The strategies provide teachers with very good ideas that can be used to deal with classroom management focusing on cultural differences and the diversity we now see in classrooms across the country."

Ken Klopack, Student Teacher Supervisor, Educational Consultant
Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL

"Where the heck was this book when I needed it?! I've been teaching for 25 years and the methods you need now are vastly different from the methods you needed when I started my career. This book supplies many choices, some old tried and true but presented in a different way, and some out of the box choices that make good sense. There are many methods, Love and Logic, PBS, etc. that work, but don't work for all students and when your school has adopted a method and you are expected to follow it, you can feel lost when you encounter the times that the method doesn't work because you have no other tricks to use. This book will fill your bag of tricks."

Linda Sarver, Substitute Teacher
Retired from Excelsior Springs School District, Excelsior Springs, MO

"Classroom management is an especially important topic facing teachers and administrators. The author's approach to blending in a culturally responsive perspective to the research base is both timely and necessary. The book creates a type of neural pathway between classroom management and the nature of relationship building, that is grounded by culturally responsive practice. Incorporating the relationship and significance of the common core only adds to the development of teacher capacity and efficacy development. What is particularly helpful is the emphasis on evidence, which allows the reader to think self-reflectively about their practice."

Deborah Childs-Bowen, Chief Learning Officer
Alliance for Leadership in Education, Atlanta, GA

This book did not cover what we had hoped it would cover

Dr Kimberely Nettleton
Elementary Read Spec Ed Dept, Morehead State University
January 30, 2014
Key features
  • Explains the differences between classroom management styles that are discipline, reward and routine , and engagement focused and provides teachers with reflective tools for assessing their own classroom management style and setting their own related professional development goals
  • Provides examples of many different teachers' experiences in creating culturally responsive learning environments and negotiating their way to better classroom management for diverse student populations
  • Includes process diagrams that offer guidance on how to critique cultural beliefs and practices
  • Explains how each classroom management strategy measures up when assessed against discipline and engagement criteria and connects the strategies to the Common Core State Standards
  • Provides instructions for how each strategy works and templates and reproducibles for immediate classroom use
  • Includes a Professional Learning Community Guide with sample meeting structure formats for teachers who are working collaboratively to assess their classroom management approaches

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