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Effect Size for ANOVA Designs

Effect Size for ANOVA Designs

November 1999 | 80 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Researchers have been complaining about the lack of one single place to find information on computing effect sizes in analysis of variance (ANOVA), until now. Authors Jose M. Cortina and Hossein Nouri begin with a literature review of previous treatments of the topic (including corrections to the misleading treatments of repeated measures and ANCOVA (analysis of covariance) designs). They introduce the effect sizes, by defining the term and explaining how it is computed from summary and test statistics for the simple two independent group design. They next provide a description of methods for computing effect sizes from the results of one-way designs with more than two groups, and then extend these methods to cases in which the effects of interest are embedded within the context of two and three-way ANOVA's. They conclude the book with an explanation of the methods for computing effect size from the results of ANCOVA designs followed by the methods for computing effect sizes from the results of repeated measures. Throughout the book, the authors offer examples with worked-out computations to illustrate each technique. Researchers who need to estimate their effect size of run a meta-analysis will find this book very useful.

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The Two Independent Group Design
A Review

Oneway Independent Group Design
Factorial Independent Group Designs
ANCOVA Designs
Repeated Measures Designs
Monograph Summary and Discussion of Ancillary Issues

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ISBN: 9780761915508

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