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Eight Ways of Knowing

Eight Ways of Knowing
Teaching for Multiple Intelligences

Third Edition

Foreword by Howard Gardner

June 1999 | 272 pages | Corwin
Formerly a SkyLight publication

Learn how to tap into a broad range of student abilities and talents while learning how to move beyond the verbal emphasis so common in most school curricula. In Eight Ways of Knowing provides:

  • Practical strategies for awakening the full spectrum of intelligences
  • Techniques for developing and nurturing these intelligences
  • Tools for structuring targeted lessons
Each chapter also presents a model content-based lesson that emphasizes and uses a particular intelligence in the teaching and learning environment of the classroom.

Introduction: Awakening, Amplifying, Teaching, and Transfering Intelligence: An Introduction to Multiple Intelligences Theory
1. In the Beginning Was the Word...: Explorations of Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
2. As Easy as 1, 2, 3: Explorations of Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
3. Seeing Is Believing...and Knowing!: Explorations of Visual/Spatial Intelligence
4. Actions Speak Louuder Than Words: Explorations of Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
5. I've Got Rhythm, You've Got Rhythm...Who Could Ask for Anything More?: Explorations of Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
6. Getting to Know You...and Learning Together: Explorations of Interpersonal Intelligence
7. Know Thyself...Thy Cognition and Thy Consciousness: Explorations of Intrapersonal Intelligence
8. It's 100% Natual (with No Additives!): Explorations of Naturalist Intelligence
9. Creating Multi-Modal Eventfulness in the Classroom and School: Teaching for Multiple Intelligences
10. Conclusion
Appendix A: A Review of the Research on Multiple Intelligences and the Brain
Appendix B: Multiple Intelligences Toolbox Descriptions
Appendix C: Answer Key
Reflection Log

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ISBN: 9781575171180