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Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom

Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom
Interactions and Interventions

April 2001 | 160 pages | Corwin
This unique book focuses on the interaction of learning disabilities and emotional disorders, fostering an understanding of how learning problems affect emotional well-being, and vice-versa. Jean Cheng Gorman provides research-based, classroom-tested practical interventions teachers can integrate into their daily routines, to help students become more purposeful and more effective. This book serves as a resource and a practical classroom guide for all elementary school teachers who are presented with the challenges of addressing the multiple needs - academic, emotional and social - of children with learning disabilities and emotional problems. Part I presents an overview of common learning disabilities and emotional problems. What disorders are teachers most likely to encounter? When should educators intervene, and when should they seek help from others? Part II offers specific classroom interactions and interventions, including insights on how:
  • Learning disorders are associated with emotional problems
  • Emotional problems can hide learning disabilities
  • Learning disorders can exacerbate emotional conditions
  • Emotional problems can intensify learning disabilities
  • Emotional health enhances learning .
.. and each chapters includes tangible steps teachers can take in their classroom, as well as reproducibles that can be used as is, or as a starting point for materials development. The book ends with a rich and up-to-date list of additional resources for teachers and an annotated bibliography of children's books and materials. Elementary teachers, administrators, and professional development directors can use this unique and comprehensive book as a solid foundation of knowledge and a practical resource for intervention.


About the Author
Part I: Overview of Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders
1. Common Learning Disabilities
2. Common Social, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Part II: Classroom Interactions and Interventions
3. Learning Disorders Are Associated with Emotional Problems
4. Emotional Problems Can Hide Learning Disabilities
5. Learning Disabilities Can Exacerbate Emotional Conditions
6. Emotional Problems Can Intensify Learning Disorders
7. Emotional Health Enhances Learning
Resource A: Additional Resources
Resource B: Annotated Bibliography of Children's Books and Materials

Up-to-date and well-organized. Examples and suggested interventions are very teacher friendly!

James McLeskey, Professor and Chair
Dept. of Special Education, University of Florida

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