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Engaging EVERY Learner

Engaging EVERY Learner

December 2006 | 224 pages | Corwin

Join today's most insightful thinkers as they explore the heart, mind, and soul of educational leadership!

This concise volume offers educational leaders key concepts and strategies for framing discussions about closing the equity gap and ensuring high achievement for all learners. As the first volume in The Soul of Educational Leadership series, this unique collection presents:

  • Pedro A. Noguera and Alan M. Blankstein on essential questions and themes
  • Delores B. Lindsey and Randall B. Lindsey on culturally proficient equity audits
  • Antoinette Mitchell on the knowledge base for teaching diverse learners in big-city schools
  • Stephen G. Peters on how to capture, inspire, and teach every learner
  • Thomas R. Guskey on rethinking the work of Benjamin S. Bloom
  • Karen J. Pittman and Merita Irby on readiness for college, work, and life
  • Alan Boyle on helping failing schools to turn around
  • Richard Farson on the paradoxes of risk, challenge, failure, and innovation

Pioneering educators and series editors Alan M. Blankstein, Robert W. Cole, and Paul D. Houston offer thought-provoking ideas applicable to all schools, districts, and learning communities and include a complete index for browsing and easy reference.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
Alan M. Blankstein
1. Terms of Engagement: Where Failure Is Not An Option
Pedro A. Noguera, Alan M. Blankstein
2. From Vision to Reality: Pedro Noguera Discusses Engaging Every Learner With Alan Blankstein
Delores B. Lindsey, Randall B. Lindsey
3. Culturally Proficient Equity Audits: A Tool for Engaging Every Learner
Antoinette Mitchell
4. The Emergence of a Knowledge Base for Teaching Diverse Learners in Big-City Schools: From Practice to Theory to Practice
Stephen Peters
5. Capture, Inspire, Teach!: Reflections on High Expectations for Every Learner
Thomas R. Guskey
6. All Our Children Learning: New Views on the Work of Benjamin S. Bloom
Karen J. Pittman, Merita Irby
7. Engaging Every Learner: Blurring the Lines for Learning to Ensure that All Young People Are Ready for College, Work, and Life
Alan Boyle
8. Compassionate Intervention: Helping Failing Schools to Turn Around
Richard Farson
9. The Case for Failure: Risk, Innovation, and Engagement

"Brings forth important and current information on equity and race in a way that can be used for all students. One is left with a very well-rounded perspective of the complex problems and possible solutions for public education. Covers a remarkable range of information and perspectives. I will use it as a text for teacher/administrator education and I want to send some of this info to my teachers NOW."

Chuck Bonner, Assistant Principal
Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA
Key features
  • Key concepts and strategies for framing discussions about equity, the achievement gap, and ensuring high achievement for all learners.
  • Combines research, practice, and policy into a single concise volume
  • Appropriate for pre-service courses as well as in-service trainings
  • Contributions from Tom Guskey, Richard Farson, Alan Boyle, Antoinette Mitchell, Randall & Delores Lindsey, and Karen Pittman & Merita Irby.


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