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Good News!

Good News!
How to Get the Best Possible Media Coverage for Your School

March 2000 | 128 pages | Corwin

"A hot topic! This book is tailored to help schools when intersecting with the media."
Grant Rich, Assistant Professor
Department of Education
Antioch College

Learn how to manage your school's image before a crisis hits.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to create a positive public perception of your school—even if you have no background in public relations. Whether publicizing good news or handling sensitive situations, your relationship with the media will determine how the community views your school.

In good times and bad, the community will support you based on your ability to manage your school's image. Gail A. Conners, a public information specialist with extensive educational background, gives the reader an inside look at the media and outlines simple steps to becoming media savvy. Through real-life scenarios, you'll discover valuable and easy strategies to create goodwill for your school.

Special features include:

    • Developing an effective communications plan
    • Building credibility and accountability within the community
    • Forming a relationship of trust with the media
    • Crisis communications—schools in turmoil
    • Pre-emptive measures for anticipated conflict
    • Using newsletters and the Internet for strategic aims

In today's challenging times, an effective public relations program for schools is no longer a luxury. This book is a must-have guide for training school personnel to work with the media for optimal school image. Administrators, superintendents, business managers, and school principals responsible for their school's perception in the community will find this a valuable resource.

Using 'The Bleiker Lifepreserver' for Positive School-Community Relations
Building Credibility and Accountability with the Community
Developing a Communications Plan
Creating a Positive Relationship with the Media
Crisis Communications
Schools in Turmoil

Forming Partnerships in Communications
Designing Newsletters and Web Sites

 "Practical, real-world applications for obtaining positive press for rough situations."

Rocky Killion
Principal, Grimmer Middle School, Schereville, IN

"A hot topic! This book is tailored to help schools when intersecting with the media."

Grant Rich, Assistant Professor
Antioch College

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ISBN: 9780761975076