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High-Performance Mentoring Facilitator's Guide

High-Performance Mentoring Facilitator's Guide
A Multimedia Program for Training Mentor Teachers

August 1999 | 144 pages | Corwin

High-Performance Mentoring Facilitator's Guide provides the training veteran teachers need to be effective mentors to first-year teachers. Field-tested for 3 years, it gives you the information, organization, materials, and confidence you need to provide ongoing professional development.

This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide provides clear instructions to ensure your workshop is a success. You'll find detailed descriptions of 25 individual workshop modules, including training objectives, materials needed, and recommended instructional strategies.

Additional topics include:

  • How to plan and promote the workshop
  • How to facilitate a successful workshop
  • How to select, match, and support mentor teachers
  • How to assess mentor teacher performance

The Facilitator's Guide is part of the High-Performance Mentoring Kit, which also includes over 120 minutes of professionally produced videotapes, a CD-ROM (Mac and Windows compatible) containing more than 250 slides, and a Participant's Notebook.



Designing a High-Performance Mentoring Program
Planning a High-Performance Mentoring Workshop
Facilitating a High-Performance Mentoring Workshop
Mentor Teachers as Teacher Leaders
Facilitator's Guide to Workshop Modules

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