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Joyful Fluency

Joyful Fluency
Brain-Compatible Second Language Acquisition

March 2006 | 168 pages | Corwin

Formerly a publication of The Brain Store

Make learning languages easier!

Do you have learners in your classroom who speak English as a second language? Are you are a foreign language teacher? This essential resource links brain research-based teaching practices to language learning presents exciting new ways to encourage second language acquisition in students of all ages. Find hundreds of helpful brain research-based techniques for lesson planning and presentation to promote improved vocabulary retention, better understanding of grammar, and enhanced speaking and writing skills.

1. Language Learning and the Human Brain
2. Influential Models of Language Acquisition
3. The Joyful Fluency Model
4. The Physical Learning Environment
5. Materials: A Crucial Link
6. The Revealing Role of Music
7. Joyful Facilitator Skills
8. Maximizing First Impressions
9. Meaningful Lesson Planning
10. The Power of Purposeful Suggestion
11. Mindset for Acquisition
12. The Magic of Metaphors
13. Active Learning: Engagement, Retrieval, & Usage
14. Bridge to Fluency
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ISBN: 9781890460013