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Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights

Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights
The Role of Civil Liberties Groups in Andhra Pradesh

First Edition
  • K. V. Thomas - Formerly at Intelligence Bureau (IB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

August 2014 | 308 pages | SAGE India

Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights unfolds a mosaic of social issues, especially of the weaker and marginalized section, closely intertwined with internal security. 

Based on an empirical study of the Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) movement in Andhra Pradesh, once the citadel of LWE, it offers a deep analysis of the growth and consolidation of LWE in India. It also studies the profiles and roles of NGOs in promoting rights for which specific case studies have been undertaken. 

As LWE and counter-extremist operations have become the major sources of serious human-rights violations in the country, the pan-Indian scenario of the movement bringing out its genesis, organizational structure, etc., have been elaborately dealt with in this book. 


Human Rights: Historical Background and Constitutional Framework
Human Rights Scenario in Andhra Pradesh: A Ground-level Study
Left-Wing Extremism: Pan-Indian Scenario
Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights in Andhra Pradesh
Human and Civil Rights of Marginalized Sections
How to Tackle Left-Wing Extremism?
Human Rights NGOs and Their Increasing Role
Andhra Pradesh: A Role Model for Civil Liberties Groups and NGOs
A Way Ahead

The book is packed with information that would provide valuable inputs for policymaking. It could also be a ready reckoner for anyone who wants to study the role of civil groups in the arena of human rights protection, with particular reference to Andhra Pradesh.

Defence Watch

 “Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights” is aimed at understanding the efforts that are being undertaken to address the human rights violations in India, with reference to left wing extremism (LWE) and counter-extremist operations. The book is well structured and divided into 10 interlinked chapters. The chapters flows smoothly with the first tracing the background of the issue at hand. The broad spectrum of human rights that one currently envisions is the after-effect of several national and international issues...the author makes a detailed analysis of the evolution and growth of civil liberties organisations and NGOs with reference to Andhra Pradesh...the book is packed with information for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of human rights and their violations in the country. The chapters are crisp and concise and comprehensively researched and well written. It is highly recommended even for those beginners and serious readers as the expertise.

The New Indian Express

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