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Making Evaluation Matter

Making Evaluation Matter
Writings from South Asia

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Katherine Eve Hay - Deputy Director, Measurement, Learning and Evaluation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, New Delhi, India
  • Shubh Kumar-Range - Senior Policy Analyst, ACDI/VOCA-USAID, AGP Government of Ethiopia

September 2015 | 310 pages | SAGE India

This is a first-of-its-kind collection of writings by evaluation professionals working in South Asia.  

It analyses and documents the status of, and challenges for, development evaluation in this region.

The collection covers three critical dimensions of making evaluation matter in development processes and change in South Asia: context, methods, and use.  The chapters draw on a depth of experience from evaluators in several countries in South Asia to explore how the context in South Asia influences the methods that are appropriate for evaluating policies, programs and projects in this context, and the challenges to having evaluation findings used to influence and bring about change.


Katherine Eve Hay and Shubh Kumar-Range
Introduction: Imagining Development, Imagining Evaluation
Shubh Kumar-Range
Evaluation for Development Results: Implications of the Governance Context in South Asia
Katherine Eve Hay
Building the Field Of Evaluation in South Asia: A Framework and Ideas
Sonal Zaveri
The Importance of Context in Participatory Evaluations: Reflections from South Asia
Veronica Magar and Pradeep Narayanan
Evaluation Rights and Social Justice: Process, Politics, and Positioning in South Asia
Chelladurai Solomon and Sarah Earl
An Evaluation Practitioner’s Journey With Utilization-focused Evaluation
Manas Bhattacharyya and Khilesh Chaturvedi
Enhancing the Use of Evaluation: Experiences from the Field
Suneeta Singh, Sangita Dasgupta, and Y Dayanand Singh
The Importance of Understanding Context and Structures in Programme Evaluation: A Case Study from India
Anuska Kalita
The Need for Methodological Diversity in Evaluating Complex Health Interventions
Ram Chandra Khanal
Operationalizing the Capability Approach (CA) for Evaluating Small Projects
N Raghunathan, Siddhi Mankad, and Ravinder Kumar
Impact Evaluations: Ways to Get It Right—Tips for Achieving Impactful Impact Evaluations
Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah and Mojibur Rahman Doftori
Giving Voice: Making Evaluation Contextual for Marginalized Groups in South Asia
Ethel Méndez
Voices from the Field