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Mastery Teaching

Mastery Teaching
Increasing Instructional Effectiveness in Elementary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities

November 1994 | 124 pages | Corwin
"Mastery teaching produces mastery learning." Master the essentials of effective instruction for every student. Increase students' learning and retention with the expert teachings of this gifted educator. * Increase motivation * Make material meaningful * Teach so students remember * Teach for transfer A useful resource for the beginning teacher or the experienced veteran. This classic has sold more than 100,000 copies and is still going strong!

Decisions in Teaching
Increasing Their Motivation, Part I
Increasing Their Motivation, Part II
Getting Students Set to Learn
Providing Information Effectively
Teaching to Both Halves of the Brain
Modeling What You Mean
Making Material Meaningful
Checking Students' Understanding
Practice Doesn't Make Perfect
Guiding Their Initial Practice
Extending Their Thinking
Dignifying Errors to Promote Learning
Using Time To Achieve More Learning
Teaching So Students Remember
Teaching for Transfer

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ISBN: 9780803962644