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Quotes to Inspire Great Reading Teachers

Quotes to Inspire Great Reading Teachers
A Reflective Tool for Advancing Students' Literacy

May 2006 | 200 pages | Corwin

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."
-William Butler Yeats

These quotes will inspire reflection on your teaching and provide tools to inspire your students, too!

Teachers will find a year's worth of thought-provoking quotations by thinkers from in and out of education, from across centuries and cultures. Tied to themes of best teaching practice and reading domains, including goal setting, comprehension, vocabulary building, assessment, and collaboration, these quotes give you a daily way to deepen your reflection and critical thinking. The book also shows how to use the quotes in the classroom to directly foster improvement of your students' literacy, metacognitive skills, and goal setting, and at the same time introduce them to some of the greatest names in history and literature.

Following each quote, this inspirational guide includes: 

  • Three reflective questions relating the core idea of the quote to teaching practices
  • Lesson prompts that provide ways to use the quote with your students
  • Literature links that identify books for K through 2, 3 through 8, and 9 through 12 and how to use them to extend student learning and thinking related to the quote

The authors have created a unique resource to help you deepen your thinking. It can be used alone or as a companion book to Reading First and Beyond (Block & Israel, 2005), which offers research-based practices for reading instruction. Don't miss this great opportunity to enrich your teaching practices as well as your students' literacy!

Reflections From the Authors
About the Authors
Introduction by Susan E. Israel
Themed Collection 1: Making Meaningful Connections by Susan E. Israel, Sarah M. Luckhaupt, and Lyndsay L. Peters
Themed Collection 2: Setting Valuable Goals by Erin Brianna Doyal and Susan E. Israel
Themed Collection 3: Using Assessment to Excel by Dixie Massey
Themed Collection 4: Building Blocks for Success by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Themed Collection 5: Word Power Equals Knowledge by Cathy Collins Block, Cinnamon S. Whiteley, and Nicole M. Caylor
Themed Collection 6: Expanding Our Opportunity by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Themed Collection 7: Thinking to Obtain Meaning by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Themed Collection 8: Identifying Our Strengths by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Themed Collection 9: Work, Study Skills, and Writing by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Themed Collection 10: Literacy Worlds by Beth A. Earley, Molly D. Dahl, and Susan E. Israel
Themed Collection 11: Collaborative Communities at School and Home by Cathy Collins Block and Cinnamon S. Whiteley
Favorite Additional Quotes From Teachers and Students by Susan E. Israel
Quotation Bibliography

"This curriculum book includes quotations from thinkers in and out of education, from many cultures and eras. Each quote is associated with teaching practice and reading domains."

Education Libraries, Summer 2006

"An excellent resource of ideas for creative and motivational lessons in reading, language, and literature."

Wisconsin Bookwatch, October 2006
Key features
  • Links to the International Reading Association's standards for professional development
  • Enriches and personalizes teaching in the Reading First environment
  • Pairs well as a reflective tool to accompany the author's Reading First and Beyond: Complete Guide for Teachers and Literacy Coaches
  • Fosters classroom learning community as teachers and students explore great quotes and thinking together
  • Combines robust reflections and themes like assessment and development of skills in essential domains to inspiring quotes
  • Provides global divergent perspective as balance to explicit teaching
  • Perfect for every great and on-the-way-to-great teacher 

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