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Small Schools and Urban Youth

Small Schools and Urban Youth
Using the Power of School Culture to Engage Students

  • Gilberto Q. Conchas - Pennsylvania State University, University of California-Irvine, University of California, Irvine, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • Louie F. Rodriguez - University of California, Riverside, USA

Foreword by Hugh Mehan

August 2007 | 168 pages | Corwin

"Finally, educators leading the movement to smaller high schools have a resource they can draw upon for guidance and direction. This book offers clear, practical advice on how to create small schools that are effective in meeting student needs."
—Pedro Noguera, Professor
New York University

"Relevant, individualized, and an insightful read. This book will be useful for any school system working to develop small learning communities."
—Nancy Betler, Teacher Mentor
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, NC

Learn about big educational results in smaller schools!

Educators are increasingly turning to small learning communities, which have proven to be highly effective in facilitating academic engagement and achievement, particularly among low-income urban students. This in-depth sociological study reveals the unique aspects of this movement and:

  • Examines the structural and cultural features of small learning communities and small schools in two major urban cities
  • Highlights students' perspectives on school culture, personalization, and student involvement
  • Offers timely suggestions to benefit students at all levels and in every educational setting

Based on original research, this text offers school leaders and policy makers a deeper understanding of the broad, positive impact of small school reform.

Foreword by Hugh “Bud” Mehan
Purpose of the Book

Comparative Research Design

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About the Authors
1. Digging Beneath the Layers of School Reform: Size, Culture, and Personalization
2. California Career Academies: How Structure and Culture Create Optimism Among Low-Income Urban Youth
3. Structuring Competition and Teamwork: Reproducing the Status Quo and Challenging Inequality Side-by-Side
4. The Case of Boston: How "Small" Schools Forge Academic and Relational Possibilities in the Urban Context
5. Beneath School Structure: How School Culture Shapes Relational and Academic Engagement of Urban High School Students in Boston
6. Conclusion: Towards a Critical Understanding of School Culture
Key features
  • Full of student voices
  • Coverage of small learning community design features
  • Strategies for school reformers on how to adopt characteristics of small learning communities in their own efforts

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