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Social/Emotional Issues, Underachievement, and Counseling of Gifted and Talented Students

Social/Emotional Issues, Underachievement, and Counseling of Gifted and Talented Students

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March 2004 | 304 pages | Corwin

The expert guide to the major issues and chief trends in studies of underachievement and affective needs of gifted students!

Focusing on the social and emotional characteristics of gifted students in general, and underachievers in particular, the sixteen articles in this ready-reference also provide an introduction to appropriate counseling methods for the gifted.

Key features include:

  • Expert Sidney M. Moon's comprehensive analysis of some of the most influential research on underachievement, social/emotional issues, and counseling approaches for the gifted
  • Effective educational and personal interventions designed to reverse underachievement
  • Recommendations for addressing the specialized and differentiated counseling needs of gifted students

With the guidance and insight of the field's top authorities, educators will learn how to intervene more effectively with high-ability individuals experiencing social/emotional difficulties, and will discover how they can help all gifted students achieve optimal social, emotional, and personal development.

The ERGE Series:

The National Association for Gifted Children series Essential Readings in Gifted Education is a 12-volume collection of seminal articles from Gifted Child Quarterly. Put the knowledge and power of more than 25 years of research on giftedness and talent into your hands with the leading theories, studies, and findings the experts in the field have to offer.

About the Editors
Sally M. Reis
Series Introduction
Sidney M. Moon
Introduction to Social/Emotional Issues, Underachievement, and Counseling of Gifted and Talented Students
Part I: Social and Emotional Issues
Elyse Brauch Lehman, Carol J. Erdwins
1. The Social and Emotional Adjustment of Young, Intellectually-Gifted Children
Michael F. Sayler, William K. Brookshire
2. Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Adjustment of Accelerated Students, Students in Gifted Classes, and Regular Students in Eighth Grade
Jean A. Baker
3. Depression and Suicidal Ideation Among Academically Gifted Adolescents
Dewey G. Cornell
4. High Ability Students Who Are Unpopular With Their Peers
Charles F. Kaiser, David J. Berndt
5. Predictors of Loneliness in the Gifted Adolescent
Claudia J. Sowa, Kathleen M. May
6. Expanding Lazarus and Folkman's Paradigm to the Social and Emotional Adjustment of Gifted Children and Adolescents (SEAM)
Laurence J. Coleman
7. A "Rag Quilt": Social Relationships Among Students in a Special High School
Nancy M. Robinson, Robin Gaines Lanzi, Richard A. Weinberg, Sharon Landesman Ramey, and Craig T. Ramey
8. Family Factors Associated With High Academic Competence in Former Head Start Children at Third Grade
Part II: Underachievement
Linda J. Emerick
9. Academic Underachievement Among the Gifted: Students' Perceptions of Factors that Reverse the Pattern
Nicholas Colangelo, Barbara Kerr, Paula Christensen, and James Maxey
10. A Comparison of Gifted Underachievers and Gifted High Achievers
Susan Baum, Joseph S. Renzulli, and Thomas P. Hébert
11. Reversing Underachievement: Creative Productivity as a Systematic Intervention
Thomas P. Hébert, F. Richard Olenchak
12. Mentors for Gifted Underachieving Males: Developing Potential and Realizing Promise
Sally M. Reis, D. Betsy McCoach
13. The Underachievement of Gifted Students: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go?
Part III: Counseling
David F. Dettmann, Nicholas Colangelo
14. A Functional Model for Counseling Parents of Gifted Students
Thomas M. Buescher
15. Counseling Gifted Adolescents: A Curriculum Model for Students, Parents, and Professionals
Sidney M. Moon, Kevin R. Kelly, and John F. Feldhusen
16. Specialized Counseling Services for Gifted Youth and Their Families: A Needs Assessment

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