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Teaching Our Children to Read

Teaching Our Children to Read
The Components of an Effective, Comprehensive Reading Program

Second Edition
  • Bill Honig - Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE), California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, San Francisco State University, USA

December 2000 | 176 pages | Corwin

Updated Edition of Bestseller

The return of a classic on reading and learning, with all-new insights! How can educators implement the best research-based practices into classroom activities, reading materials, training, and leadership? The answer: Teaching Our Children to Read, Second Edition. This new edition of Bill Honig's classic on reading and teaching grows out of the experiences of scores of dedicated teachers and their successes in the classroom. Here, the former California State Superintendent of Schools provides an updated overview of important research and instructional strategies that can bring all students to higher levels of literacy. You'll find expanded sections on: - Phonics instruction - Fluency - Spelling - Strategic reading - Book discussion - Connected practices with decodable text - Multisyllabic word instruction - Vocabulary and concept development - Text organization - Literacy benchmarks, including assessment and intervention.

The Case for a Balanced Approach
What Skilled Readers Do
Beginning-to-Read Instruction for Preschool and Kindergarten
Beginning-to-Read Instruction for Early First Grade
Reading Instruction for Middle First Grade to Upper Elementary Grades
Spelling, Beginning Writing and Vocabulary
Comprehension and Assessment
Writing and Speaking
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"This is a wonderful book. It is not only scientifically responsible, but altogether readable. I hope it will find its way into the hands and minds of every parent, educator, and policymaker in America."

Marilyn Jager Adams
BBN Systems and Technologies, Cambridge, MA

"Honig’s book takes a fresh, ‘roll up your sleeves, let’s solve this problem’ approach. That’s exactly what we in urban public schools need to realize success with our biggest challenge -- teaching kids to become successful and voracious readers early in their school careers."

Carl A. Cohn
Superintendent, Long Beach Unified School District

"Teaching Our Children to Read is an outstanding contribution to the debate in California and in the nation on optimal teaching strategies for reading." 

Robert E. Slavin
Center for Research on the Education of Students at Risk, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

"This current, practical resource offers a no-nonsense approach to the whole issue of effective reading instruction." 

Staff Avon Maitland District School Board, Seafoth, Ontario Canada

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ISBN: 9780761975304