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Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students

Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students

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March 2004 | 184 pages | Corwin

The expert guide to meeting the needs of twice-exceptional and other at-risk gifted students!

Special learning needs, cultural expectations, and issues of poverty greatly complicate the identification of gifts and talents among at-risk students. And traditional gifted programs fail to fully address the unique needs of these special populations. Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students offers critical insights and promising practices designed to prevent these high-potential, at-risk students from falling through the cracks.

Key features include:

  • Susan Baum's thorough synopsis of the critical issues affecting twice-exceptional students and other special gifted populations
  • Strategies for identifying giftedness masked by gender, cultural, economic, and/or behavioral issues
  • Examples of appropriate programming options for a variety of high-potential, at-risk populations

Applying the modifications, accommodations, and additional services suggested in this ready-reference, educators will at last be able to adequately nurture the academic, social, and emotional development of twice-exceptional and other special populations of gifted students.

The ERGE Series:

The National Association for Gifted Children series Essential Readings in Gifted Education is a 12-volume collection of seminal articles from Gifted Child Quarterly. Put the knowledge and power of more than 25 years of research on giftedness and talent into your hands with the leading theories, studies, and findings the experts in the field have to offer.

About the Editors
Sally M. Reis
Series Introduction
Susan Baum
Introduction to Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students
Susan Baum
1. An Enrichment Program for Gifted Learning Disabled Students
Sally M. Reis, Joan M. McGuire, and Terry W. Neu
2. Compensation Strategies Used by High-Ability Students With Learning Disabilities Who Succeed in College
Susan Baum, F. Richard Olenchak, and Steven V. Owen
3. Gifted Students With Attention Deficits: Fact and/or Fiction? Or, Can We See the Forest for the Trees?
Maureen Neihart
4. Gifted Children With Asperger's Syndrome
Sally M. Reis
5. We Can't Change What We Don't Recognize: Understanding the Special Needs of Gifted Females
Jean Sunde Peterson, Heather Rischar
6. Gifted and Gay: A Study of the Adolescent Experience
Howard H. Spicker, W. Thomas Southern, and Beverly I. Davis
7. The Rural Gifted Child
Joseph S. Renzulli, Sunghee Park
8. Gifted Dropouts: The Who and the Why

"This is one of those 'You'd better read this or you'll lose your card-carrying status in gifted education' volumes. It will keep you informed, knowledgeable, educated, and well researched!"

Gifted Education Communicator, Fall/Winter 2005

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