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The Ultimate Small Group Reading How-to Book

The Ultimate Small Group Reading How-to Book
Building Comprehension Through Small-Group Instruction

July 2005 | 160 pages | Corwin
Formerly published by Zephyr Press

This handbook describes the cognitive processes of emergent readers and provides educators with clear guidelines for promoting reading comprehension with small groups of young learners.

A variety of exercises helps children locate, record, retrieve, and manipulate information from texts and enables teachers to measure how students respond in oral, written, graphic, and three-dimensional forms.

Part I. Introduction
Part II. Foundations
1. Continuum of Development
2. Fluency
Part III. Techniques
3. Groups, Schedules, and Management
4. Study Skills
5. Transitional Guided Reading
Part IV. Putting It All Together
6. Reader's Workshop
7. Literature Circles
8. Reciprocal Teaching
9. Writer's Craft
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ISBN: 9781569761953