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Violent and Aggressive Youth

Violent and Aggressive Youth
Intervention and Prevention Strategies for Changing Times

August 1999 | 120 pages | Corwin

For educators on the front line

Violence in schools is everyone's problem—when teachers can't teach and students can't learn, the community loses. Few educators, however, are prepared to respond adequately to violent and aggressive youth, let alone understand the strategies for creating a safe learning environment for students and faculty.

Bemak and Keys draw from their extensive national experience to offer innovative prevention and intervention programs for aggression and violence at school. In this comprehensive book, the authors provide practical principles and guidelines educators can put to work immediately in all types of school settings—urban, suburban, and rural.

This book offers a big-picture perspective as it provides specific in-depth explanation of:

  • The roots of violence
  • Innovative intervention
  • Danger zones in schools
  • Partnerships for prevention

This book is for school counselors, teachers, and administrators on the front line in the battle against escalating violence in today's schools.

Danger Zones in Schools
Roots of Violence and Aggression
Learning to Help
On-the-Job Training

Innovative Interventions and Group Work
Partnerships for Prevention
Avoiding Professional Pitfalls
A Final Thought

For instructors

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