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What Every Principal Should Know About School-Community Leadership

What Every Principal Should Know About School-Community Leadership

November 2005 | 136 pages | Corwin

Harness your community's powerful resources to support achievement!

Every school exists within the broader context of its community. By tapping into the wealth of resources that abound beyond campus grounds, principals can weave a tightly knit safety net that buoys student learning. If the adage "It takes a village to raise a child" is true, then certainly raising schoolwide achievement is largely dependent upon the active involvement of local businesses, organizations, institutions, and parents.

Cultivating strong alliances with community members entails a systemic, goal-centered outreach program-and this comprehensive guide outlines proven, practical strategies for effectively launching, implementing, and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships. It highlights straightforward best practices for: Reaching out to parents, including specific involvement activities; Building community relationships that support school initiatives, plus tips for leveraging the media; and Closing the achievement gap through community resources and reforms.

This fourth volume in a seven-part leadership series features:

  • Insightful questionnaire and response analysis
  • Case study with reflective questions
  • "What You Should Know About" sections framing each chapter
  • Self-Assessment resources
  • "In-basket Simulations" exploring real-life examples 

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About the Author
Questionnaire: Before We Get Started…
1. Introduction
Case Study and Reflective Questions

2. Best Practices in Reaching Out to Parents
Learning Together

Empower Parents

Provide Training

Establish Parent Coordinators

Foster Parental Success

Publicize Student Presentations

Solicit Parent and Community Involvement

Develop Parent Involvement Activities


3. Best Practices in Building Community Alliances
Consider Six Types of Involvement

Form a Community Advisory Committee

Undertake Community Building

Plan Together

Develop an After School Program

Involve Parents and Community

Avoid Barriers to Implementation

Become Media Savvy

Become Part of a Professional Development School (PDS) Initiative


4. Using Community Resources and Reforms to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap
School-Community Clinics

Early Childhood Education Centers

After School Programs


Conclusion: Making School-Community Relations a Reality
Resource A: Realities of School-Community Leadership: In-Basket Simulations
Resource B: Assessing Your Role in School-Community Relations
Resource C: An Annotated Bibliography of Best Resources

"A comprehensive, useful guide. It includes questionnaires and response analysis, a case study with reflective questions, and self-assessment resources."

Curriculum Connections, Fall 2006
School Library Journal

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