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Building Parent Capacity in High-Poverty Schools

Building Parent Capacity in High-Poverty Schools
Actions for Authentic Impact

Foreword by Doug Reeves

May 2024 | 160 pages | Corwin

Discover practical strategies to foster meaningful connections with parents and families.

Parental engagement today changes the future of education for the students and parents of tomorrow. In Building Parent Capacity in High Poverty Schools, the educational leader known as “the woman who makes schools work for the poor” shares insightful strategies and personal stories to guide educators in fostering meaningful connections with parents. Leveraging her wealth of experience in education, Dr. Anderson underlines the vital role of family engagement and the integration of comprehensive support structures centered around families.

Underscoring the importance of nurturing parent capacity and cultivating authentic relationships with parents and community stakeholders, the book enables learning communities where parents are active participants in their child’s educational journey. Additional features include:

  • Definitions of parent capacity, involvement, and engagement
  • "Learned and Lived” stories highlighting school districts successfully supporting families and students
  • "In Action” sections demonstrating the application of tools and strategies in different contexts
  • A discussion of the significance of school funding and resource management

By moving from rhetoric to reality, from jargon to clarity, and from bake sales to budget considerations, this strikingly practical book offers tools, methods, and ideas that school leaders and educators can use to engage parents, build their capacity, and ultimately create a future of hope for generations to come.

Chapter 1: Understanding Parent Capacity and Its Role in School Success
Chapter 2: Building Relationships With Parents
Chapter 3: Walking the Talk
Chapter 4: Building Capacity Through Powerful Partnership
Chapter 5: Funding the Promise of a Better Future
Conclusion: Inspiration and Call to Action from Linda Brown

Anderson authentically engages with parents unlike any educational leader we have known. She details her time-tested recipe for success to empower other educators to do this work. If you’re ready to stop tinkering with parent engagement and want to build collaborations that transform the lives of your students and families, you must read this book.

William Parrett and Kathleen Budge
Boise State University
Sebring, Florida

Many parents want to be, and should be, actively included in the universal village that raises their child. Anderson’s vast set of experiences and impressive body of expertise provide an authentic, faithful road map to that end.

Beryl Ann New
Topeka Public Schools and Kansas African American Affairs Commission
Topeka, Kansas

Anderson provides a powerful book, painting a picture rich with illustrations as to the importance of engaging families. Each chapter includes lived and learned experiences that will leave footprints as you envision integrated tiered systems of support with families at the forefront.

Kathleen Lynne Lane
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

I am grateful to leaders like Anderson, who leverages strategies to improve the overall well-being of children and their families in the school districts she leads.

Constance Gully
Parents as Teachers National Center
St. Louis, Missouri

Anderson’s book is a testament to her transformational leadership. It serves as an inspirational resource for communities seeking to build stronger connections between schools and families, utilizing a public health approach to guide groundbreaking change.

Cristi Cain
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Topeka, Kansas

This book is a testament to Anderson’s passion for empowering parents to become active partners in their children’s education. Through practical strategies and personal anecdotes, she illustrates how to equip parents to engage meaningfully in their child’s learning journey.

Michelle Hubbard
Shawnee Mission School District
Shawnee, Kansas

Anderson provides lived experience and truly has walked the talk. Her writing exemplifies the profound understanding that meeting students and families where they are, without judgment, while maintaining an open mind is paramount. Her dedication to connecting with families and fostering community ties underscores her deep-seated passion and compassion for those she serves. It’s truly remarkable writing.

Ashley Goss
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Topeka, Kansas

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