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BUNDLE: Impact Leadership Series

BUNDLE: Impact Leadership Series

Edited by:
  • Russell J. Quaglia - Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations, President & Founder
  • Michael Fullan - Michael Fullan Enterprises Inc.
  • Pasi Sahlberg - Gonski Institute for Education
  • Avis E. Glaze - Edu-quest International Inc., Former Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario, Founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat
  • Viviane M J Robinson - University of Auckland, New Zealand

November 2017 | Corwin
Principal Voice, by Russ Quaglia
Student voice authority Russell Quaglia brings his nuanced understanding of communication, listening, and leadership to this definitive guide to principal voice, part of Corwin’s Impact Leadership series. Content includes how to apply Quaglia’s Listen-Learn-Lead model to principal voice optimization, illustrative examples, and prompts for individual reflection. 

Indelible Leadership, by Michael Fullan
Learn to lead well and leave a lasting impact with this compact, richly innovative guide to deep and lasting leadership. Concrete examples and critical, yet implementable action steps help you commit to deep, meaningful work, master the content and process of change, link goals to school systems, produce capable leaders, and more!

FinnishED Leadership, by Pasi Sahlberg
This book examines the success Finland has attained in international student assessments, namely PISA, from a different perspective: the educational leader. The four main ideas and supplemental straightforward strategies derived from Finnish leadership culture in this resource incorporated into policy or practice will improve overall educational performance of your school no matter the location.  

Reaching the Heart of Leadership, by Avis Glaze
In an age of expectations and exploding demands, this brief, but robust, book provides leaders of any level with ideas and action steps to increase leadership effectiveness and refine their leadership legacy. In addition to strengthening your self-regard, it will probe your theories on human nature, motivation, and what makes leadership so rewarding.

Reduce Change to Increase Improvement, by Viviane Robinson
This book identifies the mindset, processes, and actual behaviors that contribute to successful reform efforts and provide school leaders with concrete tools enabling them to be more effective. The structures described in the book are illustrated by numerous examples, cases, and conversation extracts focusing on four phases of engagement.

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