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Case Studies in Elementary and Secondary Curriculum

Case Studies in Elementary and Secondary Curriculum

November 2009 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Applying curriculum theory to classroom reality of K-12 classrooms

Practical and engaging, this book contains 21 case studies that help students apply curriculum theory to classroom reality. Each case is authored by an in-service teacher, reflecting on ways to improve instruction by making changes to various aspects of the curriculum. These real-life examples investigate up-to-date curricular issues ranging from accountability in education to curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation, school reform, pedagogy, and decision making in diverse educational settings.

Key Features

  • Consistent formatting- Each case follows the same structure and includes proposed/actual solutions and expected/observed outcomes, allowing readers to compare their solutions to those in the text- leading to reflective, data-driven decision making
  • Points to Ponder- Open-ended questions invite readers to further elaborate on how the solution proposed by the practitioner may impact additional curricular levels
  • Text Boxes- Brief background information related to each cases provides a context for analysis

Case Study Matrix
1. Bringing Diversity Into a Less Diverse Environment
2. Bringing Calculus to Life: Hands-on Learning in a New Sequence of Courses
3. Meeting the Individual Needs of Each Student at an Alternative High School
4. Using Assessment and Student Interest Data to Inform Differentiated Instruction in an Inclusive Classroom
5. Motivating Students to Learn in a Peer-Supported School Environment
6. Authentic Audience and Affective Learning in a Gifted and Talented Middle School Program
7. "Discovery Math": From Professional Development to Classroom Practice
8. Student Understandings as a Basis for Motivation and Participation in a Severe Emotional Disturbance/Severe Behavioral Handicap High School Classroom
9. Meeting Student Learning Requirements by Means of an Improved Writing-Across-Curriculum Program
10. Student Portfolios and Authentic Assessment in a Diverse Multiage Preschool Classroom
11. Skill Building in Elementary Math: Between Remediation and Academic Promotion
12. Prevention Programs as Means to Teach Social Skills in Elementary School
13. Educating the Community About a Needed Levy Increase: The Teacher as a Political Activist
14. The Mandated Curriculum Meeting the Needs of Teachers and Their Favored Practices
15. Balancing Data-driven Decision Making and Shifting Paradigms in a New Elementary Math Curriculum
16. Professional Development That Works, Please!
17. Using Curriculum Relevance to Motivate Students
18. The Integration of Autistic Classes Into the Physical Education Curriculum
19. Developing a Literacy Program for Children With Learning Disabilities
20. My Students Can't Write, and I'm Forced to Use a Curriculum That Doesn't Help Them Learn How
21. Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners and the Mandates of Accountability Without Compromising
About the Author

Not appropriate for undergrads

Dr Joanne Newcombe
Education Dept, Nichols College
October 17, 2011

I felt the book was a better match for a building leadership course rather than district level. I have given the book to the instructor for the master's level course to review.

Mr Susan Rogers
Education Dept, Baker University
March 10, 2011

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