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Case Study Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Case Study Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

October 2010 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Case-based knowledge forms an essential element of the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy practice. This book provides the reader with a unique introduction to the conceptual and practical tools required to conduct high quality case study research that is grounded in their own therapy practice or training. Drawing on real-life cases at the heart of counselling and psychotherapy practice, John McLeod makes complex debates and concepts engaging and accessible for the trainees and practitioners at all levels, and from all theoretical orientations. Key topics covered in the book include:

- the role of case studies in the development of theory, practice and policy in counselling and psychotherapy

- strategies for responding to moral and ethical issues in therapy case study research

- practical tools for collecting case data

- 'how-to-do-it' guides for carrying out different types of case study

- team-based case study research for practitioners and students

- questions, issues and challenges that may have been raised for readers through their study.

Concrete examples, points for reflection and discussion, and recommendations for further reading will enable readers to use the book as a basis for carrying out their own case investigation.

All trainees in counselling, psychotherapy and clinical psychology are required to complete case reports, and this is the only textbook to cover the topic in real depth. The book will also be valuable to people who intend to use existing case studies to inform their practice, and it will help experienced practitioners to generate publishable case reports.

The Role of Case Studies in the Development of Theory and Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy
The Development of Systematic Methods and Principles for Collecting and Analyzing Case Material
Justifying Case-Based Research: The Role of Systematic Case Studies in Building an Evidence Base for Therapy Policy and Practice
Moral and Ethical Issues in Therapy Case Study Research
Collecting and Analyzing Case Material: A Practitioner and Student Toolkit
Documenting Everyday Therapeutic Practice: Pragmatic Case Studies
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Therapy: N=1 Time-Series Case Studies
Using Multiple Judges in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Therapy: The Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Design (HSCED)
Theory-Building Case Studies
Exploring the Meaning of the Therapy Experience: Narrative Case Research
Team-Based Case Study Research for Practitioners and Students

McLeod covers in real depth and high quality how to complete case study research, would definitely recommend.

Mrs Susan Simpson
Scarborough Campus, Hull University
June 25, 2015

Always have enjoyed John McLeod's writing style ever since I first started training and this book has not disapointed me.
My students have said they also find him easy to read and digest, brilliant.

Mr Peter Trowsdale
Counselling, West Herts College
December 5, 2014

A good book in preparing students how to conduct case study research in counselling and psychotherapy

Dr George Varvatsoulias
Counselling, Newham College of Further Education
July 14, 2014

Very good book that highlights the focus of counselling and psychotherapy using detailed case studies.

Miss Sharron Stillyards
health and social care, northlindsey college
May 7, 2014

John McLeod writes with his usual high level of insight and accessibility in this fascinating book, which is a must for everyone interested in counselling research. The examples provided give a new way of exploring ideas and concepts. Well written throughout, this is a vital book for anyone in the field - practitioners and students alike.

Mr Chris Wohlers
Faculty of Health, University of Central Lancashire
September 16, 2013

Essential of considering doing case study research - recommended for those who are not yet sure re the method to use for their research

Dr Els Van Ooijen
School of Social Sciences, University of Wales, Newport
September 5, 2012

John McLeod has provided an essential reference for training the new generation of research savvy psychotherapists. This book brings more than just the "what" and "how" - it reveals credibility, rigour and dignity in human ways of researching human process to develop more humane practice and research.

Mr Pamela Gawler-Wright
Psychotherapy, BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
June 22, 2012

This book adds a useful source for students with a particular interest in case study methodology. In particular Counselling students, who struggle with positivistic approaches, welcome such a clear text that puts their own pratice into an evidence-based context.

Mr Peter Thompson
Dept of Nursing, Central Lancashire University
May 8, 2012

This is an excellent addition to support students conducting their own research study as part of their higher education training. It clearly helps them to navigate their way through the research process and the use of case study research for further development of counselling practice.

Mrs Angela Fairhurst
AQA Counselling, Kidderminster and District Training Centre
October 1, 2011

This text offers students the opportunity to grasp the importance of using case studies to inform research and is recommended for our students taking an Introduction to Evidence based practice in counselling module

Mrs Jan Tatham
Faculty of Care Health & Education, City of Bristol College
September 29, 2011

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