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Celebrating 50 Years of Environment and Planning

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 Economy and Space  Urban Analytics and City Science  Politics and Space  Society and Space  Nature and Space

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Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 

Professionalisation, Activism, and the University: Whither ‘Critical Geography’? by Noel Castree. 

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Trajectories of Neighborhood Change: The Case of Gentrification by R A Beauregard.

Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

An Alternative Approach to the Calculation and Analysis of Connectivity in the World City Network by Stefan Hennemann and Ben Derudder.

Real-Geographic-Scenario-Based Virtual Social Environments: Integrating Geography with Social Research by Min Chen et al.

Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space

Land acquisition, rural protests, and the local state in China and India by Xuefei Ren.

Growing Grassroots Innovations: Exploring the Role of Community-Based Initiatives in Governing Sustainable Energy Transitions by Gill Seyfang and Alex Haxeltine.

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Urban theory with an outside by Tariq Jazeel.

Digitize and punish: Computerized crime mapping and racialized carceral power in Chicago by Brian Jordan Jefferson.

Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space

Neoliberalising Nature: The Logics of Deregulation and Reregulation by Noel Castree.

Back to the Land: The Paradox of Organic Food Standards by Julie Guthman.

Read commentaries on the most cited papers in the last fifty years