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Chinese Business Negotiating Style

Chinese Business Negotiating Style

November 1998 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
ôTony Fang is uniquely qualified to illuminate and explain Chinese negotiating practices for, as a practitioner, he sat on the Chinese side of the table, and as a scholar he is fully up-to-date with Western social science knowledge. He not only is in full command of the literature on Chinese negotiating style, but he has brought to his analysis a broad perspective that extends to the institutional and ideological ways of Chinese Communism, the Confucian tradition, and the ancient Chinese writings on strategy and the ways for outwitting the enemy. A careful reading of his book should reduce surprises and improve the performances of all who seek to deal with the Chinese.ö ùLucian W. Pye, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts Chinese Business Negotiating Style adds a valuable "Chinese voice" to the current Western-dominated forum on Chinese business negotiating style. This book provides the reader with an in-depth sociocultural understanding of Chinese negotiating behaviors and tactics in Sino-Western business negotiation context. It addresses this fascinating and complex subject by looking systematically at various components of Chinese business culture which range from contemporary Chinese politics to ancient Chinese philosophies and military stratagems. This book offers practical advice on negotiating and doing business effectively within the People's Republic of China. Chinese Business Negotiating Style presents fresh approaches, coherent frameworks, and 40 reader-friendly cases that will be particularly interesting to students, academics, and professionals in management, international business, communication, international marketing, intercultural studies, industrial psychology, sociology, political science, Asian studies, public policy, and negotiation/mediation.

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"This book adds a valuable Chinese voice to the current Western-dominated forum." 

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ISBN: 9780761915768