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Choose to Learn

Choose to Learn
Teaching for Success Every Day

July 2008 | 136 pages | Corwin

"There is a real power in this book that offers a way of understanding failure and overcoming it. The authors present a message of possibility and hope to learners and teachers alike and foster a resolve to put the strategies for changing behavior and attitudes into practice."
—Robert S. Patterson, Emeritus Professor of Education
Brigham Young University

Discover powerful principles that help students raise their goals, expect success, and make extraordinary strides in achievement!

Education becomes exciting and successful when both learners and teachers accomplish what they previously thought to be impossible. Written in an inspirational, compelling style, this resource shows educators how to motivate students to be successful learners through the development of key personal attributes that foster success.

This user-friendly book is organized around an easy-to-use, research-based model derived from multiple fields, including education, psychology, and philosophy, and is focused around eight field-tested principles, including the "Three D's of Success"—desire, decision, and determination—that can

  • Increase every learner's self-confidence
  • Create new expectations and infuse students with new energy and motivation
  • Encourage individuals to go beyond familiar goals, take manageable risks, and achieve desired outcomes

Choose to Learn gives teachers a proven approach for helping students exceed their expectations and experience academic growth by making a conscious decision to learn and to succeed.

About the Authors
1. The Three Ds of Success
Applying the Three 's of Success  
Making It Happen  
2. Urgency, Not Pressure
Differences Between Pressure and Urgency  
Urgency and Learning  
Making It Happen  
3. Do Something You've Never Done Before
Why Avoid the Unfamiliar?  
The Zone of Attainable Success  
Teacher as Designer  
Making It Happen  
4. Light the Fire
Linked to the Life of the Learner  
Making It Happen  
5. Help Is on the Way
Help That Invites  
Help That Instructs  
Help That Confirms  
Think It, Choose It, Do It, Succeed  
Making It Happen  
6. Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason
The Opposite of an Addiction to Failure  
Motives and Actions  
The Three Ds of Success  
Lighting the Fire  
Can One Judge Another's Motives?  
Making It Happen  
7. Extinguish the Negative
Make No Excuses  
An Eye of Faith  
Help and Faith  
Vision and Faith  
Making It Happen  
8. Choose to Lead
Who Should Lead?  
Leading and Helping  
Perception and Leadership  
Making It Happen  
Epilogue: Expect Success

"By recognizing the addictive and cyclical nature of failure, the educator and student alike can overcome this barrier and reach their full potential. The authors identify the core issues of classroom failure and provide solutions to promote lifelong learning and achievement."

Yvette Marrin, President
National Cristina Foundation

"A richly researched book, both in terms of educational literature and two lives spent in the service of student learning. The authors have developed clear models and methods that are helpful for educators to fulfill the promise of pedagogy—that is, to lead a child toward learning. This book is a significant contribution to move our conversations of what education is truly about in a successful direction."

Barclay Burns, Chairman and Founder

"There is a real power in this book. It offers a way of understanding failure and of helping to counter and overcome it. Not only does it offer a message of possibility and hope to learners and teachers alike, but it fosters an eagerness and resolve to put the strategies for changing behavior and attitudes into practice."

Robert S. Patterson, Emeritus Professor of Education
Brigham Young University

"The authors have taken learning theory and captured the essence in a highly engaging and readable style. Their work has so much application to the field. I'm thinking now about how I can incorporate the principles in my instruction. Particularly meaningful to me was the point that teachers should not try so hard to explain why children are not learning; they should spend their efforts on helping them experience authentic success."

Eula Ewing Monroe, Professor of Mathematics Education
Brigham Young University

“This little book is full of big and powerful ideas. The authors write from rich experience as well as drawing on sound research. Teachers are a natural audience, of course, but the models are applicable to anyone who is trying to live a happier, more satisfying life. As a teacher of teachers, I have often promoted the idea that great teaching ignites both students and teachers. This book describes how teachers can turn away from excuse-making and really commit themselves to helping EVERY student succeed. In essence, it's a book about using the power of choice to spark great teaching and learning.”

Maggie Austin, Educational Leader
Technology & Innovation in Education

“Once in a while, a book comes along that has the potential to change how we view learning. The authors address a perennial problem in our educational system: how easily some students become addicted to failure. I thoroughly enjoyed their model, the approach, and how easy it is to understand and incorporate—elegant, yet simple.”

Karen W. Pool, Author and Adjunct Professor
Utah Valley University

"The concept of 'inspiring' helped me define who I have been! I want to inspire my students to seek until the answer is found. I don't want to stop searching for new ways to help students learn. I want them to find the 'highest in them,' a yearning to do something more."

Janeen Graham, Teacher
Northridge Elementary School, Orem, UT
Key features
  • Offers field-tested, research based principles fundamental to all successful human endeavors--such as making the decision to succeed/learn, having high expectations, understanding the difference between internal and external motivation, etc;
  • Shows how these principles affect teaching and learning and how to put it into practice;
  • Provides examples in every chapter from the lives of teachers, administrators, students, and parents that show how these principles can be lived out;
  • Is written in an inspirational, compelling style that engages and inspires the reader;
  • Includes a section in every chapter, entitled "Helping It Happen," consisting of 2 cases and hints for teaching these principles to young and adult learners.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1. The Three D's of Success

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