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Close Encounters of Another Kind

Close Encounters of Another Kind
Women and Development Economics

First Edition

September 2018 | 432 pages | SAGE YODA Press

Close Encounters of Another Kind: Women and Development Economics brings together Devaki Jain’s essays which engage with public policy, development economics and women. In the 1970s and 1980s, as a fallout of the First World Conference of Women, held in Mexico in 1975, then the Women’s Decade (1975–85), followed by the Second World Conference in 1985 in Nairobi, governments energized their bureaucracies to address women’s inclusion in development programmes. Thereby began the work of gendering development, and as a result of challenging the existing ideas, projects related to the design of development policies and programmes. However, most of these efforts were couched in the knowledge and experience of the global North since the efforts were largely led by the Northern intellectual community. In this volume therefore, Professor Jain highlights the ways in which the design of public policy has ignored the lived experience of what was being offered in India as development.

Publisher’s Acknowledgements
Introduction: Development Is Not Benign
Letting the Worm Turn: A Comment on Innovative Poverty Alleviation
Development Theory and Practice: Insights Emerging from Women’s Experience
Gender and Poverty in India: Comment on a World Bank Country Study
Healing the Wounds of Development
Valuing Work: Time as a Measure
Nuancing Globalisation, or Mainstreaming the Downstream, or Reforming Reform
Food Battles, or Battling for Food
Are We Knowledge-Proof? Development as Waste
A View from the South: A Story of Intersections
Women, Public Policy and the New World Order
Growth, Poverty and Inequality: The Linkages and Relevance of Macro-economic Policies
Walking Together: The Journey of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Women’s Movement
Morals in Politics: The Gandhian Touch
Exploring Economic Inequality: From Piketty through Adiga to Gandhi
The New World Re-order: An Opportunity to Build a Feminist Political Economy
Bibliography of Selected Works by Devaki Jain

Devaki Jain has been a pioneer in bringing to light gender inequalities and injustices in India for the past several decades. She was one of the first to highlight through her Time Use Study (included in this volume), women’s significant contributions to not just reproductive and care work in India, but to production as well. She has also worked closely with the UN system to ensure women’s rights are taken on board in policy and practice.

The first volume The Journey of a Southern Feminist contains the speeches and writings of Devaki on various occasions. The present second volume contains papers of more recent origin. She broadly deals with the gender dimensions of poverty and political and social power. The papers have a Gandhian touch with as much attention to ethics and equity as to economics. The final essay in this book titled ‘The New World Re-order’ is an appropriate term to indicate the potential for creating order from disorder. In short, Devaki’s writings and speeches have dominated public and political thinking on gender issues during this century. I commend Volume II and recommend that everyone interested in gender dimensions of our life should read both Volumes I and II.

Professor M.S. Swaminathan
Founder Chairman and Chief Mentor UNESCO Chair in Ecotechnology M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

Devaki Jain has been a steadfast voice in international debates, bringing to the conversations the perspectives of feminists and of the Global South, which are not only critical of mainstream but also show alternative approaches. This inspiring volume is a must-read for new generations of activists and scholars alike.

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Professor of International Affairs, The New School, New York

I am impressed by [Devaki Jain’s] continued efforts over several decades to bring the feminism issue to the intellectual forefront. I am glad she brought out the volume because otherwise I, and several others, would not have known about these efforts.

Indira Rajaraman
Former Professor, IIM Bangalore, Member of the 13th Finance Commission, New Delhi

“This collection of 15 essays by Devaki Jain represents her journey as a pioneering scholar, activist and advocate of development alternatives and gender equality on the national (Indian) and international stages for over five decades.”

Review of Development and Change, 25 (1), 2020

“These volumes, easily accessible to an international audience, complement Jain’s already extensive publications and should be read and appreciated in concert …. (She) is intuitively intersectional, emphasizing the dialectic between diversity and unity.” 

Feminist Economics, 24 May 2020

“These two books are remarkable contributions by a veteran feminist economist with an experience that spans the early period of India’s independence, forays into socialism and globalization and marks the unfolding of the women’s movement through these periods. These books are a must-read for all women’s studies.”

Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 27, Issue 2
Key features

·         The author has taught and mentored most of the leading economists in India today.

·         The subject of the book is Feminism and Economics which continues to be of immense interest even today.

·         The book will be considered of iconic importance both by students, scholars as well as senior policy makers because of the seniority and expertise of the author.

·         The book will most definitely become required reading for courses on both gender and economics.

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