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Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development
Infancy Through Adolescence

Second Edition

January 2016 | 488 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written in Kathleen M. Galotti's signature engaging style, this text is a dynamic examination of cognitive development from infancy through adolescence. Updated and reorganized throughout, the Second Edition weaves together a variety of theoretical perspectives while considering issues of research methodology. Introductory chapters cover theoretical and developmental frameworks and are followed by chronologically arranged chapters, giving undergraduate and graduate students an understanding of the "whole" child in an accessible, intuitive framework.

About the Author
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
What Is Cognitive Development?

Cognitive Realms: An Overview

Broader Impacts of and on Cognitive Development

Going Forward

Chapter 2: Major Theories of Cognitive Development
Piagetian Theory

Vygotskian Theory and Sociocultural Influences

Chapter 3: Other Frameworks Relevant to Cognitive Development
Theories and Frameworks

Research Methods for Studying Cognitive Development

Chapter 4: Perception, Attention and Memory In Infancy
Basic Sensory Abilities in Infancy

Visual Perception

Attentional Development

Memory Development in Infancy

Media Exposure During Infancy

Chapter 5: Knowledge of Objects and Concepts In Infancy
Knowledge of Objects


Knowledge of Number

Statistical Learning

Chapter 6: Acquiring Language
Theoretical Perspectives

Phonological Development

Lexical Development

Syntactic Development

Conversational/Pragmatic Development

Acquiring Sign Language

Chapter 7: Perception, Attention and Memory In Early Childhood
Perceptual Development

Attention and Executive Functioning

Memory Development

Media Usage in the Preschool Years

Chapter 8: Conceptual and Representational Development In Early Childhood
Conceptual Development


Theory of Mind

Chapter 9: Perception, Attention and Memory In Middle Childhood
Becoming More Focused

Selective Attention and Executive Function

Increasing Cognitive Capacities

Development of Long-Term Memory

Chapter 10: Representation and Complex Cognitive Skills In Middle Childhood
Developing a Wider and Deeper Knowledge Base

Higher-Order Cognitive Skills

Apprenticeship and Guided Participation

Developing Academic Skills

Chapter 11: Continuing Cognitive Development in Adolescence
Neurological Development During Adolescence

Developments in Basic Cognitive Processes

Developments in Higher-Order Cognitive Processes

Chapter 12: Broader Impacts of Cognitive Development
Individual Differences in Cognition

Reasoning About Moral Dilemmas

Epistemological Development

Identity Development

Author Index
Subject Index


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Key features


  • All theoretical coverage now appears in Chapters 2 and 3, providing readers with a more cohesive presentation.
  • Material across chapters has been reorganized for more logical topical flow.
  • Updates in every chapter include recent empirical and theoretical advances to reflect the latest developments in the field.
  • New material includes additional coverage of statistical learning and core knowledge in infancy, the latest information on working memory training studies, and new coverage of mindsets and theories of willpower.  


  • Up-to-date, research-based coverage of both how the field has developed and its current state help students develop a well-rounded understanding of this rapidly growing field.
  • Material is presented in a highly accessible manner having been written by an acclaimed instructor with years of teaching and research experience, making it the most user-friendly text available.
  • Built-in study aids, including chapter summaries, review questions that promote critical thinking, and a detailed glossary, help students learn and retain key information.
  • Unique, in-depth coverage of adolescence sets the book apart from others available.

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