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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

January 2007 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Sage Course Companions are an exciting new series from Sage offering students an insider's guide into how to make the most of their undergraduate courses and extend their understanding of key concepts covered in their course.

Cognitive Psychology provides student readers with essential help with all aspects of their first course in cognitive psychology, including advice on revising for exams, preparing and writing course assessment materials, and enhancing and progressing their knowledge and skills in line with course requirements in cognitive psychology.

This Course Companion is designed to augment, rather than replace, existing textbooks for the course.

Key Features:
  • Helpful summaries of the course curriculum to aid lecture notes, seminars and written assignments Key summaries of the approach taken by the main cognitive psychology textbooks
  • Guidance on the essential study skills required
  • Help with developing critical thinking
  • Route-maps to aid the development of wider learning above and beyond textbooks
  • Pointers to success in course exams
  • A tutor's-eye view of what course examiners are looking for
  • An insider's view of what key course concepts are really all about
This companion is aimed at the cognitive psychology student who wants to gain the necessary skills allowing them to practically apply and fully utilize their general understanding of the core areas of this branch of psychology. It will be targeted, primarily, at the specifications of undergraduate students in psychology departments. The purpose is to provide pedagogical and assessment support, and an overview of the discipline. The book would also be of value to students of the social sciences in cognate disciplines taking cognitive psychology as an elective course.

Cognitive Psychology and Related Disciplines/Theories
History of Cognitive Psychology
Founding Figures and Their Core Ideas
Thinking like a Cognitive Psychologist
Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Running Themes
Visual Processing/Perception
Object Recognition
Speech/Word Recognition
Introduction to Memory, the Mulitstore Model, Encoding and Retrieval
Working Memory Model
Episodic and Semantic Memory
Learning and Memory
Speech Perception and Reading
Language Comprehension
Language (Speech) Production
Judgements and Decision Making
Reasoning and Deduction
In Collaboration with David McIlroy
How to Get the most out of Your Lectures
How to Make the Most of Seminars
Essay Writing Tips
Revision Hints and Tips
Exam Tips
Tips on Interpreting Essay and Exam Questions

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ISBN: 9781412918398
ISBN: 9781412918381

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